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How to Hang an Internal Door

How to Hang an Internal Door - A Step by Step Guide

Replacing an existing door and hanging a new one in its place might seem like a task best suited to a professional, which is why, even though you might want to, you never actually get around to the pesky task. By following the steps below and doing a bit of planning, you can not only learn how to hang a door but also do it in the best possible way.

How to Hang an Internal Door

Image Credit: Dorling Kindersley

Required Tools And Equipment

  1. Sharp Pencil

  2. Tape Measure

  3. HardPoint Hand Saw

  4. Drill (Wired or Cordless)

  5. Hammer Or Wooden Mallet

  6. Chisel

  7. Hinges and Screws

  8. Screwdriver

  9. Wooden Wedges

  10. Workbench

  11. Wood Plane (Hand or Power)

  12. Drill Bit Set

  13. Combination Square

  14. Safety Goggles and Eye Protectors

  15. Mask and Mouth Protector

Steps On How To Hang An Internal Door

Step 1: Remove Old Door 

Before installing a door, you need to remove the old door to put a new one in its place. Chances are, your door has been attached with the help of hinges. To remove this door, you first need to remove all the pressure from the hinges.

To do this, place a wedge under the door. The basic idea behind this is to support the door from below so that the weight is lifted off the hinges. After this, you can start loosening the hinges using a screwdriver with a thin tip or flat-headed chisel. Once they're loose, carefully lift the door out of its frame.

Step 2: Measure New Door To Size

There are two ways in which you can measure your new door. One of them is to measure the door against the frame and make markings accordingly. Another method is to hold your new door against the old one and trace it along using the old door as a reference. Use a pencil and measuring tape to ensure the markings aren't off-base. If you need to make estimates, round up, not down.

To measure the standard internal door sizes with the help of a frame, measure using the inside of your frame. Be sure to measure the height from three points (top, middle, bottom) and the width from two points (left and right) to ensure that your measurement is correct throughout.

Step 3: Cut And Trim New Door To Size

After using any of these methods to measure and mark your door, you now need to cut and trim it according to the new size. As far as cutting the door is concerned, you will need to use a tool like a hacksaw or any suitable substitute. For trimming and making smaller adjustments, a planer should do the trick.

Step 4: Measure Hinges

Measuring hinges, without a doubt, is one of the most crucial steps to follow while hanging a door. Your calculation here has to be spot on so that everything fits together well, and there is no room for errors.

You can measure your hinges the same way you did with the door - by using the old one as a reference. Another method is also making completely new markings on the door according to the size of your old hinges.

Step 5: Fit Hinges

To fit the hinges, mark a location on your door frame (which is ideally 11 inches from the bottom for the second hinge and 7 inches from the top for the first hinge). Place the hinge at these marks and draw a rough outline. From there, you can use a knife to trace the lines and make it easier to cut later.

You can then use a chisel and a hammer to cut the mortise in the shape of the hinge using the faint outline you created with the knife. Repeat this step for the second hinge as well. Then, place your hinges on these holes and use your drill to fit the screws on the door. Repeat the same step on the door frame.

Step 6: Hang The Door

After following the above steps, you've almost learnt how to install an interior door correctly. Now, all you need to do is connect the door to the jamb and adjust it so that both the hinges on the door fit their corresponding parts in the frame properly. This might take some adjusting, but be patient. You can even use a small block to support the door from below.

Finally, use the hinge pins to secure the hinges tightly on the door. Then, make sure you've fit the door well by opening and closing it several times and testing it properly.

How To Fit An Internal Door Handle

Step 1: Fit Latch

After you have successfully learnt how to install a door, you can now look closely at adding a few final steps. One of them is fitting a latch.

One of the most common latches is a mortice latch that essentially has a catch that can be pushed down to open the door. This latch has a keep fitted inside the door frame which is connected to the main latch via a spring. To install this latch, you need to first mark the centre of the door and decide where you want to put the handle.

Hold the latch against the door and mark the spindle centre with reference to the point where you marked the centre of the door. Following this, drill a hole for the spindle and door latch.

Step 2: Fit The Handle


To fit the handle, first, take the plating and attach it to the edge of the door with the help of screwdrivers. You will need to drill some holes prior to fitting this casing. After measuring the casing, drill the holes according to the four corners of the handle.

Now, connect the main handle with the latch plate or casing, and secure it with screwdrivers. Next, check whether the handle is functioning correctly by opening and closing the door. Make sure the latch is going inside the door frame when you pull the handle down. This will ensure the proper working of the door.


Now that you have successfully hung an internal door check everything properly to make sure your hard work has not gone to waste. Cover all bases - right from the working of the hinges to the functioning of the handle

A key aspect that is equally deserving of your attention is safety. Without any masks, gloves or safety goggles, these tools can cause serious injuries. Always wear all your protective gear before using heavy equipment like drills and saws. Make sure you have taken all the necessary precautions and only then carry on with your task.



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