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20 Awesome Home Office Ideas to Inspire Productivity

20 Awesome Home Office Ideas to Inspire Productivity

As remote work becomes a permanent reality for many professionals around the world, it's time to invest a little time and energy in sprucing up your home office.

Not only does this create a more conducive environment for work, but it can inspire you, relax you and motivate you to deliver your best work while adding your signature style to this sacred space.

Surprisingly, you need not spend a bomb on redecorating. You can execute home office ideas on a budget with a little creativity and imagination.


20 Ways to Re-Imagine Your Home Office

1. Let the Natural Light in


Lighting plays an important role in the journey, as you redesign your home office. Is your current space getting enough natural light? If not, choose a space in your home located near a large window, which lets plenty of natural sunlight stream in.

It's an instant mood-elevator and also enables you to get your dose of vitamin D. Make sure your laptop faces away from the window so that there's no direct reflection on your screen.

2. Old Is Gold


A lot of old-school furniture is made of high-quality wood, and the design is on point, too. Rummage through furniture handed down to you by your parents and grandparents, or even browse second-hand markets, and attend garage sales. You're sure to find desks, chairs, and unique storage pieces that add character to your home office.

Old Is Gold

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3. Less Is More


Some people prefer to engage with more minimalistic home office setup ideas. These pave the way for natural energy flow. Decluttering your physical space often leads to decluttering in the mind, and this definitely helps to inspire your work.

If this is your style and way of life, it's important to declutter your space. Keep what you need, donate what you don't need, and throw away the rest. Use neutral colours like beige and white for your colour palette.

Less Is More

Image Source

4. Throw in Some Art


Introducing some art pieces into your workspace not only adds colour, but it's also a conversation starter during your video calls, especially with potential clients or customers.

You can experiment with paintings, black and white photographs, handmade artefacts from different cultures, and even pop art. If you have an artist in you, displaying your own art is a great way to showcase your artistic talent.

Throw In Some Art

Image Source

5. Showcase Some Antiques


Displaying one signature antique in your workspace is a great way to add a unique touch to your home office. A trendy antique piece of furniture is a bookshelf housing your favourite books.

Other popular options include lamps, vases and candelabra. If you really want to dazzle, you can also pick up an old typewriter, or telephone, depending on the rest of your décor.

Showcase Some Antiques

Image Source

6. Farm to Home Office


One of the most contemporary home office ideas is actually inspired by the humble countryside barn. The sliding barn-style door lends a rustic touch to a modern space.

This designer door is mounted on a steel track and makes for an excellent backdrop for your home office. Adding some fresh flowers to your desk will complement the overall look.

7. Impress With Your Desk


While dabbling with home office desk ideas, here's a unique one you could consider. If you're in a creative profession or even in a power sector like corporate law, a sprawling over-sized desk lends a power touch. The material of the desk can vary based on whether you work in the organised industry or are in a creative job.

For example, a majestic looking mahogany desk is sure to impress potential clients and colleagues, if you work in the corporate world. The materials, colours and design can vary based on the role you play and the vibe of your industry.

Impress With Your Desk

Image Source

8. Keep It Black and White


Another great theme is to limit the colour palette to just black and white. The impact of a black and white space can be enhanced with black and white artwork, posters, bookshelves, and other signature pieces, including floor rugs.

Curating the right mix of furniture, wall art, stationery and floor accessories can really add theatre to this theme and create a dramatic effect.

Keep It Black And White

Image Source

9. Office Nook Chic


One of the small home office ideas that are catching on around the world is the office nook. This is especially useful if you reside in a small space, and want your bedroom or living room to double up as a home office.

Strategic use of space is really important. Having a desk that folds out during office hours and can be folded back in at night is a great way to create a home office within a limited space.

Office Nook Chic

Image Source

10. Throw in Colorful Storage


One of the most fun ways to brighten up your home office is to introduce well-designed, colourful storage boxes to store files, stationery and other office essentials. Lots of affordable options are available in prints, textures and solid colours.

You can either mount them on the wall or keep them on your desk. Not only do they create space but also look aesthetically pleasing.

Throw In Colorful Storage

Image Source

11. Handcrafted With Love


If you love handcrafted products and have an eye for them, you can bring this vibe to your home office. Everything from furniture and desk accessories, to laptop accessories, have handmade alternatives.

Not only are these sustainable for the planet, but they are also well-designed, durable and add a unique character to your home office. This is a great option, especially for those in creative careers.

Handcrafted With Love

Image Source

12. Keep It Sleek


If you want your home office to look simple yet sleek, some ergonomically designed swivel chairs can add a professional touch. Adding metallic elements into the mix as well as a palette with greys adds to this theme.

Keep It Sleek

13. Add a Rustic Touch


For those who love escaping the city, bringing in some rustic elements lends your office the warm tones of a home in the countryside. Using traditional materials like wood and brick, and placing your desk close to spaces like the fireplace, adds a cosy dimension to your home office.

Upcycling an old bicycle, bookshelf or lantern from an earlier era, can finish the look well.

A Rustic Touch

Image Source

14. Creating a Studio Office


Artists and creative professionals can consider turning an entire room or even a garage space into a work office. This space can look radically different from the rest of your home as it's a space where you can be inspired to be creative and do your most inspired work.

It does not need to have a traditional office setup, but playing with space, colours, and lighting can create a unique mood that goes with your sensibility and vibe.

Creating A Studio Office

Image Source

15. Add a Pop of Color


One of the cool home office ideas that have really caught on especially in startups and new-age design hubs is the pop of a colour theme – a concentrated space with a burst of colour often set against a white or neutral backdrop.

It's easy to replicate this in a home office by adding a colourful artwork on your wall or even having storage with a vibrant colour palette.

A Pop Of Color

Image Source

16 Have an Accent Wall


Building your home office against an accent wall is an instant attention grabber. The accent wall can have a unique colour or texture from the rest of the walls.

It can also have a wallpaper that creates a certain mood. Introducing the right lighting can further accentuate the wall and make it stand out.

An Accent Wall

Image Source

17. De-Stress With Blue


Research indicates that blue has a calming effect and helps professionals de-stress. Adding blue bookshelves to your office space is a great way to bring in this element, especially if you have a high-stress job.

You can also experiment with a blue wall, or a blue desk if you want to push some boundaries.

De-Stress With Blue

Image Source

18. A Neutral Work Space


Certain job roles like real estate or insurance agents require a more neutral looking office space. This can be accomplished by going for colours like brown, beige and greys.

Adding furniture that resembles what we use in the office like swivel chairs also helps complete the look. Some photographs on your desk and a few plants add a personal touch.

Neutral Work Space

Image Source

19. Home Office With a View


Choosing a space or room with French windows and a relaxing view that overlooks a garden, a forest or even a skyline is a great choice for a home office setting.

The rest of the home décor ideas can be planned while keeping the view as the centrepiece.

Home Office With A View

Image Source

20. Add Some Vintage Pieces


Among the most refreshing home office decor ideas is the one that includes introducing one or two vintage pieces. These instantly lend character to any space and double up as great conversation starters during interviews, meetings and lunches.

These can include vintage clocks, a gramophone with records, motorbike miniatures and other pieces, based on what industry you work in.

Vintage Pieces

Image Source

Get the Most out of Your Home Office

A home office is one of the most important spaces today. Professionals end up spending over 40 hours a week here, and it is essential to make sure it is a cosy, energetic space that inspires you to work hard and give it your best.

Here are some additional tips to make sure it is space that you love hanging out in.

Home Office

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  • Invest In Lighting


If your home office also doubles up as your bedroom, make sure you have two or three types of mood lighting. Bright lights can be used during the day when you're working, while the lights can go warmer and softer after office hours.

This switch ensures that you compartmentalise work and personal space.

  • Go Green


While dabbling in home office design ideas, don't forget to introduce some natural foliage into your office space. Not only does it bring in some greenery but also ensures circulation in the room.

Flowers are also a great mood lifter any time. Do your research and choose plants that encourage natural flow in the office.

  • Comfort Is Key


Make sure all your seating is extremely comfortable and ergonomically designed so that you do not end up having health issues, especially if you have a sedentary job.

This must be a top priority when purchasing a chair for your home office.

  • Manage Your Health


Among the more modern home office ideas that connect to good health and well-being is the growing trend of professionals buying "standing desks" aka desks that can be raised in height at any time.

These enable professionals to work in a standing position. It gives them respite from sitting all day, especially on very hectic days.

Manage Your Health

Image Source

  • Organise Your Devices


An essential part of the modern-day home office is the gadgets used. It's advisable to have separate laptops for office and personal use. Make sure the wiring is not cluttered, and will not result in chaos or accidents.

Factor in high-speed internet and a backup in case the internet bails during a meeting or important presentation.

Organise Your Devices

Image Source

  • Have An "Ideas" Space


Introducing a whiteboard or some wall space where you can brainstorm and be creative enhances productivity. This is especially helpful if your job role requires strategic thinking or a high dose of creativity.

Have markers, post-its, and other stationary handy during your brainstorming meetings.

Ideas Space

Image Source

  • Make Lunchtime Special


Virtual team lunches have become a reality around the world, especially since more and more businesses are shifting to remote work mode. Investing in some aesthetically designed cutlery is a great idea. Creating a unique space for meals can also add flavour to your day.

It could be a couch or a window sill that can double up as a seat. Get imaginative. This approach can also make mealtimes an excellent opportunity to unwind, get away from screen time and de-stress.

  • Keep It Clean


Make sure your home office is clutter-free and that you get it spring-cleaned regularly. This ensures the longevity of all your furniture as well as all the electronic devices you use for work.

  • Have Fixed Hours


Even though you work at home, it's advisable to function within fixed hours. This enables you to also have a balanced personal life, stay stress-free and bring your best to work.

Having a strategically placed wall clock is a great idea, even one that chimes at the designated hour when work ends.

In Closing

Your home office is a reflection of you - your work style, profession, and taste. Dedicating a little time and thought to the design and comfort aspect, as well as the vibe you create, will go a long way in helping you bring your best to your work. Happy decorating!


Shabana Kauser is the dynamic owner of Emerald Doors, the famous door-selling company in the UK with immense knowledge and experience in working with architecture, interior design, and home decor. She continues to share tips and technical know-how of balancing interior elements, door fittings, room aesthetics, and the like. Personally, she loves coffee, always dabbling with several blends.

Author: Shabana kauser

Shabana Kauser, the Director of Emerald Doors, brings over 20 years of invaluable expertise in the door industry. Her visionary leadership has steered the company to new heights, offering an extensive range of internal and external doors while prioritizing quality and customer satisfaction. The website's glowing reviews stand as a testament to her commitment to excellence. To learn more about Emerald Doors, connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.