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Standard Fire Doors

Obtain reliable and certified fire protection with Emerald Door’s collection of standard fire doors. Our high-quality fire doors are designed to meet the fire safety regulations and provide you a peace of mind. We craft these fire doors using fire-resistant materials and make them undergo rigorous testing to ensure their effectiveness in containing flames and smoke. Checkout our full collection now and prioritize the safety of your property without having to compromise on style.

How to Choose Standard Fire Doors

Fire Rating

Determine the required fire rating based on your building regulations and the specific application. Common fire ratings include FD30 (30 minutes), FD60 (60 minutes), and FD90 (90 minutes). Choose one with the appropriate fire ratings as per your requirements. 
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1930 Oak 4 Panel Fire Door

PM Mendes International


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Allora Walnut Fire Door

PM Mendes International


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Allora Walnut Glazed Fire Door

PM Mendes International


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