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Simple Door Measuring Guide

Emerald Doors understands how challenging it can be measuring for a new door so we have created a simple guide with 3 easy steps to help you measure for your new doors, our helpful guide will ensure you can be confident you are ordering the correct size doors for your property. If in any doubt or you need any help, please call the sales team for further help and advice on 01422 387331

Step 1: Measure the door height

To establish the door height, use a measuring tape and measure the inside of the vertical frame from top to bottom, both left- and right-hand side. It is essential to measure both sides as the frame may not be completely level. The longest measurement determines the height required. Make a note of the measurement. The standard UK height of doors is commonly 1981mm (78”) however some ranges are available in 2032mm (80”) and Metric doors 2040mm.

Step 2: Measure the door width

To establish the door width, use a measuring tape and take three measurements inside the door frame – at the top, middle and bottom. Run the tape along the from left to right and record the measurements. The widest measurement determines the width of the door. Remember to add 3mm tolerance to each side. The Standard UK widths of doors are 610mm/24”, 686mm/27”, 762mm/30” and 838mm/33”. Some ranges offer much smaller and larger door sizes. See our door guide for other available sizes.

Step 3: Measure the door thickness

If you intend on keeping your existing door frames, then you can measure the thickness of the existing doors which will normally be 35/40mm or 44mm for fire doors and external doors. If you are installing new frames, then these can be purchased based on the thickness of your new doors.

For a more detailed breakdown of the most common UK door sizes read our Door Size Guide If you have non-standard door sizes or require bespoke sizes then please Contact to discuss your requirements.