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18 Tips to Decorate your Entryway for this Christmas

18 Tips to Decorate your Entryway for this Christmas

The festive season is around the corner, and we are sure you are all set to welcome Santa and your guests with warmth and gifts. Christmas is all about celebration, carols, lights, decorations, and cakes. And decorating the entryway is what most of us miss out while we focus more on the home interior. This holiday season, try something new and get your front entrance a makeover to make it the most appealing and inviting asset for your guests, friends, and family.

Are you thinking more about decorating your entryway but not finding it interesting? We have enlisted some amazing decorating tips to impress your guests with some charming holiday displays to makeover your entryway.

Here are some amazing ideas to go with.

Table of Content:

  1. Replace Old Front Door with Solid & Attractive New One:

  2. Peppermint Wreath / Fairy Door Wreath:

  3. Cake Plate Ornaments:

  4. Plaid Boot Tray:

  5. Spindle Snowman Hooks:

  6. Wooden Light Garland:

  7. Pinecone Bundle:

  8. Outdoor Tree:

  9. Picture Frame Decoration:

  10. Farmhouse Style Christmas:

  11. Entryway Gallery Wall:

  12. Glam Entry Decor:

  13. Simple Christmas Entryway:

  14. Mobile Christmas Tree:

  15. Put Christmas Cards on Display:

  16. Decorating With String Lights:

  17. Small Space Solution:

  1. Replace Old Front Door with Solid & Attractive New One:

With Santa's arrival keeping everyone happy and excited, why not let your abode look like a total dream. It’s time to replace your old exterior door with a new solid and attractive one such as External oak doors , External contemporary doors, External stable doors, etc.

  1. Peppermint Wreath / Fairy Door Wreath:

Collect your seasonal favorite peppermint candies and handcraft wreath to hang on your Christmas trees or your entryway doors and gates. This sets out cheerful vibes for your guests and family members.

Peppermint Wreath / Fairy Door Wreath

Image Source

  1. Cake Plate Ornaments:

Decorate your cake plate with ornament sculptures . You can go at your creative best and pile up all the glass ball ornaments in the shape of a pyramid. You can hold these using a double-sided coloring tape to add some holiday flair.


Cake Plate Ornaments

Image Source

  1. Plaid Boot Tray:

You can create a plaid boot tray this holiday season by cutting a fabric piece that features holiday patterns or size. You can also accessorize it if you wish to do so. Later attach it to the bottom of your boot tray with any adhesive.

Plaid Boot Tray

Image Source

  1. Spindle Snowman Hooks:

Give your daily use items a holiday touch with the snowman hooks. Buy some wooden spindles from a store nearby and paint them with colors of your choice. You can enhance the look by adding buttons, bags, hats, and make your holiday companion look lively.

Spindle Snowman Hooks

Image Source

  1. Wooden Light Garland:

If you are bored with the traditional string lights, light up your entryway with wooden light garlands. You can create one using DIY tricks available online.

  1. Holiday Door Banner:

With the holiday season knocking at the door, you can buy a welcoming door banner for your guests or create one using DIY. You can display welcoming messages like Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays to greet your near and dear ones.

Holiday Door Banner

Image Source

  1. Pinecone Bundle:

Christmas tree decoration without pinecones sounds incomplete. You can color these small pinecone bundles with sparkling or bright colors, layer them with snowball ornaments or shiny stars and hang them on Christmas trees.

Pinecone Bundle

  1. Outdoor Tree:

People usually love indoor settings when it comes to decorating Christmas trees. But how about growing a Colorado spruce in your yard and decorating it in the holiday season with stunning ornaments, lights, or some shimmery paper boxes hanging on it.

Outdoor Tree

Image Source

  1. Picture Frame Decoration:

A picture frame will surely give an old-school feel, yet it will make your guests feel warm and welcomed. So, hang cute family picture frames on a Christmas tree, or hang on the door or wall to make your entryway look stunning and appealing.

  1. Farmhouse Style Christmas:

Buy some small farm fresh Christmas trees and place them in galvanized metal buckets. You can also add wood logs or wood boxes and place them in a decorated basket or wrap them in a blanket to complement the look.

Farmhouse Style Christmas

Image Source

Usually, people miss out on lighting the entryway walls during Christmas, but you should think of decorating them with a beautiful Christmas wall art. You can also display greetings there with signs or postal cards and decorate it with string lights.

Entryway Gallery Wall

Image Source

  1. Glam Entry Decor:

Ever thought about adding a touch of vintage and glamour at your entryway? This combination will be a win-win for both young and old ones. You can hang a berry wreath to the mirror or decorate the trees with handcrafted glass ornaments to give it a stunning yet vintage look.

  1. Simple Christmas Entryway:

It is absolutely okay to go the simple way for this Christmas if you do not have much time. Decorate your tree with a holiday garland or add a few string lights. This will not take much of your time, and it will look great too!

Simple Christmas Entryway

Image Source

  1. Mobile Christmas Tree:

Sounds like a great plan, isn’t it? You can buy one or DIY a small Christmas tree using decorated metal. You can even grow a tree or place an artificial one. This will surely be a welcome surprise for your guests.

Mobile Christmas Tree

Image Source

  1. Put Christmas Cards on Display:

Putting Christmas cards on the top of your Christmas tree or around the entryway trees will add a unique touch in front of your guests. So how about putting your family picture with a greeting message on the cards?

Put Christmas Cards on Display

Image Source

  1. Decorating With String Lights:

Christmas is synonymous with lights, and decorating your entryway with the fairy or string lights will add warmth to your place and make it look like a festive affair. Lighten your entryway or your Christmas tree with your favorite lights.

Decorating With String Lights

Image Source

  1. Small Space Solution:

Make the best use of the coat rack at your entryway if you do not have a mantel or fireplace. Hang your stockings there, which will add a tint of festivity to your foyer. This way, you can use your small space at your creative best.

Small Space Solution

Image Credit: Michael Chen


Happy Holiday Decorations! We hope these wonderful decoration ideas will make a classic statement for your guests. Make sure you do not overdo things else it might spoil the holiday look. Keep it simple and pleasant, and enjoy the season of joy, carols, and candles.


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