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13 Cheerful Christmas Door Decoration Ideas

13 Cheerful Christmas Door Decoration Ideas

When the holiday season arrives, one can show your neighbors, friends, and family that you’re enjoying the season wholly with a magnificent decoration scheme right on the main door. Christmas front door decors usually indicate that all are truly welcomed to participate in the spirit of the season. On every wintery night, the beautifully decorated external doors and homes create a magical atmosphere like no other.


Think beyond the typical holiday decoration ideas to use the following Christmas door decorations.

1. Gift Wrapped with Flowers and Garlands: This design aesthetic is inspired by a wrapped gift that is usually placed under the Christmas tree. Christmas wreaths can actually add their sheen as the centerpiece for any door design. But by hanging a traditional Christmas stocking right on the wreath is something out of the ordinary. The wrapped gift can be set up using string garland around the entryway perimeter. You can use colorful red bows, ornaments, tinsel or string lights. Accentuate the entire look and feel with red poinsettias, that are perfect for every Christmas season.


2. Christmas Fireplace Decor: Get inspired by the fireplace coziness and warmth with the Christmas display that features the fireplace in a beautiful design.


3. Green Door Style: Your door decoration can avoid using a wreath, especially if you can use floral wire, greenery including spruce and eucalyptus while accessorizing with green ribbon and trendy ornaments


4. Lit Trees: One can use glimmering branches of the Christmas tree right on the door, with use of LED lights, on the twigs itself


5. A Winter Wonderland: Christmas door decorations cannot be complete before the ambiance truly captures the winter season with a typical frozen space by the fireplace that resembles the ideal snowy wonderland. A white faux snow spray along with a beautiful wreath and garland can do the trick. Additionally, one can get dark purple ornaments to give contrast to the fake snow on the greenery. The winter-inspired decor scheme is one of the most popular Christmas door decorations.


6. Mason Jar Christmas Tree: Use leftover mason jars and their lids to build a beautiful Christmas Tree with Christmas baubles of your own choice.


7. Christmas Swag: Celebrate the holiday spirit without spending much. Collect some pine boughs and natural things that would not be out of space with a winter-inspired bouquet. Bend the coat hanger as a base and even twist all branches in varied directions for the effect of a natural Christmas. Tie floral wire and embellish the tree with colored ribbons, pinecones, jewels, and ornaments!


8. Sweets, Candies, and Treats: Use sweets of varied kinds including sugarplums or place the little candies strategically in every branch or twig while the door can host some other treats for all visitors.


9. A Rustic Paradise Decor: Not all door decorations need to be colorful, bright and sparkly. One can use door decorations based on the beauty of nature especially by using some objects from nature that would not be out of place in a rustic door design. Add real pine-cones, dried leaves and fruits to a wreath and stick them up with a glue gun. These natural items complement the rustic theme and even help your home to stand out during the Christmas season owing to the natural gorgeous nature of such rustic designs.


10. Shimmery Metallics: Metallics offer a creative avenue for many to use them in fun for the holiday season. The metallic shimmer is classic and ideal for Christmas, but they look outstanding if they are placed beneath white floodlights at night. This look can be replicated with use of ornaments on the front porch with fishing wire. Look out for old tin pitchers and with red ribbon, one can hang them as a bundle right from the door knocker. Add string lights to the fir trees nearby to give this season with a sparkling front door decoration.


11. Snowman Door: Greet your guests by placing a welcoming snowman at the door. The best part is you can encourage your kids to participate in making this snowman by themselves!


12. Ribbon and Bell Swag: Hang this branch arrangement on your front door so that all guests can experience the festive smell right outside the door, and in your home.


13. Candy Cane Lane: The abundance of candy canes is the hallmark of the festival with a front door decoration that would include outdoor candy canes with hooked parts in opposite directions. If the candy canes do not adequate sheen for your liking, then add some glitter, found easily in the craft store. Use and loop candy cane print ribbon around a flower wreath, while setting the finish with metallic green and red bulbs.

If your external door is poor and damaged, it is preferable to first make the repairs or just invest in a new modern exterior door. Decorating an old door is good enough for many who can’t afford a door. Decorating a new door is a challenge and the doors themselves will positively impact the interiors and also in society.



Shabana Kauser is the dynamic owner of Emerald Doors, the famous door-selling company in the UK with immense knowledge and experience in working with architecture, interior design, and home decor. She continues to share tips and technical know-how of balancing interior elements, door fittings, room aesthetics, and the like. Personally, she loves coffee, always dabbling with several blends.

Author: Shabana kauser

Shabana Kauser, the Director of Emerald Doors, brings over 20 years of invaluable expertise in the door industry. Her visionary leadership has steered the company to new heights, offering an extensive range of internal and external doors while prioritizing quality and customer satisfaction. The website's glowing reviews stand as a testament to her commitment to excellence. To learn more about Emerald Doors, connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.