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What are French Doors?

What are French Doors?

French doors are generally double-hinged. They can be used inside the house or externally. Characteristically, they have multiple glass panes to see through. The glass is surrounded by frames, which can be made of different materials. French doors open both inward and outward, depending on individual liking.

Originating in France, they were initially large windows. Such windows made the house more ventilated and well-lit. With time, they evolved to become the French doors we know today. Since then, their advantages have drawn more and more people into installing them into their houses.

Benefits of French Doors

Brightens the House

The glass panels of the external French doors allow natural light to flow into the room. Installing them will not make the rooms gloomy, unlike other traditional doors. It is a great way to savor the beauty of nature outside while sitting in the comfort of your home. It also makes the room look well ventilated and airy.

Spacious Rooms

Since French doors allow sunlight to pour in; the rooms tend to look bigger than what they are. This illusion occurs because the doors are made of glass, which slightly blurs the space between the inside and the outside.

French doors also open fully. Traditional doors restrict the space in the room when they are open. Unlike them, the entire width of French doors can be used. This feature proves to be highly successful in smaller houses.


The cost of internal French doors depends on the design and quality of it. When compared to other traditional options, these doors are cheaper. For smaller openings especially, French doors are the best of the lot.

High Security

People live under the misconception that French doors are easily penetrable. The doors might seem to be too weak to withstand a robbery or other security breaches. Installing multi-point locks on the doors and having opening restrictors make French doors very safe for your house.

Visual Appeal

French doors, without a doubt, add to the aesthetics of a room. They give a classic vintage look to the house. Be it interior or exterior doors, they are perfect for elevating the overall look.

Drawbacks of French Doors

Not Energy Efficient

These doors are a poor choice if you are looking for something energy efficient. These are not effective barriers to outside weather conditions. They tend to open when there are strong winds.

Cold air and water can easily seep in through the hinges of the doors. Controlling the temperature inside the house thus becomes a difficult task. Extra appliances like heaters or coolers increase the electricity bills.

Unsuitable for a Few Homes

French doors might not be the perfect fit for all rooms. For some houses, they can look completely out of place. This depends on the interiors and the architectural design of the house. The first step while choosing a French door is to contemplate whether it is suitable for the rest of the house.

Difficult to Install

French doors cannot be installed without professional help. If you intend to install the doors you buy; these doors are not suitable. Installation leads to extra charges, which might cross your budget.

Takes Up Space

These doors make the rooms look bigger without a doubt. However, they do occupy a lot of space when opened. Articles inside the room should be moved around to accommodate the French doors. A small room can become congested because of these doors.

Best Places To Install French Doors In Your Home


You can install French doors as an opening to your patio. It is very refreshing to have a clear picture of the beautiful patio outside. Adding a cozy sit-out makes it even more attractive.


Another place where these doors can be installed, is the balcony. It is a wise choice as it blocks out external unwanted agents. It also creates an illusion of a bigger room.

For Other Rooms

They can be installed as doors from one room to the other. They can be placed at the entrance to the kitchen and the bedroom.


French doors as the entrance to a kitchen make it appealing. Since the doors are glass, the kitchen looks like an integral part of the house and not some separate room.


Factors To Consider When Installing French Doors


Prices for the installation of French doors depend not only on the quality of the doors but also on the opening of the aperture in which they are to be fitted. While French doors are generally suggestible for smaller openings, sliding or bi-fold doors are more cost- effective for larger openings, due to the locking mechanisms and hardware involved. French doors might also need to be filled out with sidelights or additional windows to suit your house.


When your French doors are fully open you should have full access to the width of the opening. But you will be limited by the maximum leaf size (generally around 900mm), so a maximum opening with both doors open would be about 1800mm wide. Having access to the full width of the opening is great for smaller properties where space internally or externally is limited.


At the most vulnerable area, most French door multi-points will be built with multi-point locks. They lock the frames together when they are closed and cover splines to rebate the space where the doors meet. To ensure security, always look for French patio doors with a three-point locking system that locks the door to the head jamb and the sill, instead of just to each other.

Opening restrictors are also a good idea, as they control and protect the doors against the strong wind at all times. You can also consider reinforcing glass panels if you are particularly worried about intruders. Overall, French doors are an incredibly secure option for your home.


‘Lower the value, better the performance’, I.e., double glazed window panels for French doors offer a U Value on offer and a decent thermal efficiency for your home. This hack and mechanism will not only cut down on heating costs but will also leave your home feeling more comfortable.

During the day, French doors facilitate excellent lighting, and therefore it will never be an issue. It is also easier to install a set of curtains over French doors than over other external doors should they be required.

All factors mentioned above are steps to consider while installing French doors, however, one need not be limited or overwhelmed too much by it in the planning phase.


French doors are on rising demand nowadays and is definitely a proper investment in terms of appearance, appeasement, and finance. However, it is vital to understand the implications involved in its installations, advantages, and disadvantages as well.

Once you are familiar with all you need to know about French doors, do consider them without hesitation, since they are stunning, economical and will absolutely be one of the reasons you will love your home. 

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FAQs on French Doors

Below are the questions we get asked a lot. Check them out.

What is the difference between a double door and a French door? 

While both a double door and a French door involve two separate door panels, the main difference and distinction lies in the design. A double door typically refers to any two-door setup, while a French door specifically features glass panels from top to bottom, enhancing aesthetics and allowing light, creating a seamless indoor-outdoor connection.

Are French doors durable?  

Yes, French doors can be durable depending on the materials used in their construction. Quality materials such as solid wood, fiberglass, or steel enhance their durability. Proper maintenance, weather sealing, and sturdy hardware also contribute to their longevity, making them a durable and long-lasting choice for homes or commercial spaces.

Why are French doors popular? 

French doors are popular due to their timeless elegance, versatility, and functionality. They enhance spaces by allowing more natural light, provide seamless access and transitions between indoors and outdoors, offer aesthetic appeal with their classic design, and come in various styles to complement different architectural themes, making them a sought-after choice in modern architecture and design.

Are French doors secure? 

French doors can be secure when equipped with proper locking systems and sturdy hardware. Utilizing high-quality locks, deadbolts, and reinforced glass options can significantly enhance their security features. Additionally, installing multi-point locking mechanisms and utilizing security films or bars can further fortify French doors, ensuring better protection for homes or commercial spaces.

What is the difference between French doors & Patio doors? 

French doors and patio doors differ primarily in design and functionality. French doors are double doors with glass panels extending their full length, hinged to open inward or outward. Patio doors, however, are sliding or gliding doors typically made of a single large glass panel or multiple panels, designed to slide horizontally to open, offering unobstructed views and space-saving functionality for access to outdoor areas.

Author: Shabana kauser

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