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9 Doors for your Living Room

9 Doors for your Living Room

The living room is the center of attention of any house. It is where the family gathers to watch the television, have an evening snack, or to simply spend time with each other. Usually, the front door opens to the living room which is the largest in the house. It further leads to the kitchen and the other rooms.

Since it is the connecting space for everything, it holds a very important position architecturally. The doors in the living room are a very important part of the interiors of the house. For the longest time living room, doors did not have a lot of varieties.

Newer designs, however, bring life into your living room. Here are a few of such doors options.

  1. Glazed Doors: Such doors are perfect for someone who likes to have a see-through door. Regular doors tend to compartmentalize your house. This can make the house look uncoordinated.

    Glazed Doors
  2. Glazed doors are made of glass bordered with wood or other materials. This makes the interiors look more spacious and bright. They help in peeking into the room once in a while, which is perfect for kid’s rooms.

  3. Moulded Panel Doors: This is a simpler yet equally stylish type of door. They come in various materials, especially wood. Moulded panel doors can be painted with the color of your choice.

    Moulded Panel Doors

    This makes it a safe choice as the color of the door will compliment the interiors without fail. Various grained and texture finished makes it an interesting addition to your living room. Simple panel doors also cost lesser than other doors.

  4. Sliding Doors: Another smart way for an entrance is to have sliding doors. Most suitable for larger entrances,beautiful internal sliding doors for living rooms are sure to charm the people who visit your home. Moreover, they slide open to one side completely. Opening inward or outward can cause disturbance to the furniture arranged.

  5. Sliding doors do not cause such inconvenience. They might not be the most suitable choice for smaller spaces.

  6. Bi-fold Doors: Traditional doors can look monotonous in the house. Bi-fold doors add a different element to the interiors, giving your eyes the change that they never knew they needed.

    If your house has more wood furniture, or if you aim to have a touch of the countryside to your home, then Bi-fold doors are highly recommended. They suit for bigger and smaller entrances.

  7. Accordion Doors: These doors are similar to sliding doors in the benefits they provide, and even more! They can be opened fully by folding them. By closing them, you get complete privacy. Keeping them open can create more space for the living room.

    Accordion Doors

    Image Source

    The door can be wooden, metal and even glass. Accordion doors are very unique and help you in making a bold statement with your interiors.

  8. French Doors: These doors do the perfect job of adding a little bit of natural beauty to your home. French doors are made of glass and hence make the house bright. They also help ventilate the house and make it appear bigger than it is.
    French Doors

  9. French doors are also amazing barriers to unwanted agents like dust and extreme weather conditions. Being energy efficient, they save up money that you would otherwise be spending on paying bills. They look best when used for the openings to gardens or balconies. French windows are another way to improve the aesthetics of the house.

  10. Swinging Doors: These doors, quite frankly, will be the most intriguing addition to your interiors. Anyone who visits your home will be pleasantly surprised after taking a look at them.

    Swinging Doors

    Image Source

    Double swinging doors will make a great entrance to the kitchen. They can also be used for other rooms. They can open both inwardly and outwardly. The only disadvantage with such doors is that they occupy more place than others.

  11. Pocket Doors: Doors in a living room can be a hindrance in many instances. People look for options that suit smaller spaces and anything which can make the house look bigger. Pocket doors are truly magic in this sense. These doors slide open and completely vanish, giving access to more space than you imagined.

    They are built in such a way that they can effortlessly slide inside the groove present in the wall. When there are too many guests coming over, you can simply slide the door open. Space is never an issue with pocket doors.

  12. Glass Doors: The simplest method to add class into a room is to have a glass door installed. The interiors will look modern with glass doors. They can be used as entrances to the room, kitchen, and even to the backyard.

    It is not necessary that having a glass door requires you to give up your privacy. They come in various designs and textures that can make it semi-transparent if necessary.

Making a final decision can be tricky. Without restricting yourself to a single option, you can take professional help and customize the doors in the way you desire. A carefully customized door can give you the look you need.

All the above options come in various types of materials such as hardwood, softwood, metal, and glass. No matter what kind of interiors you have, one of the above options is sure to suit them. Endless designs of each type of door provide you with high functionality along with appealing looks that do not disappoint.


Author: Shabana kauser

Shabana Kauser, the Director of Emerald Doors, brings over 20 years of invaluable expertise in the door industry. Her visionary leadership has steered the company to new heights, offering an extensive range of internal and external doors while prioritizing quality and customer satisfaction. The website's glowing reviews stand as a testament to her commitment to excellence. To learn more about Emerald Doors, connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.