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Walnut is one of the most attractive hardwoods. It features large grains that give valuable and classic wood touch for better furnishing anywhere in the office or house. Walnut internal doors are deep brown in colour. It promises you a surprisingly exciting look for minimalist spaces. It is strong, durable, beautiful and more importantly adds style to any room. It is one of our favorite products at Emerald Doors and also one of the most popular choices among customers in the UK.

It is elegant, stylish and it comes as no surprise that professional interior designers prefer this as the first choice. Our walnut interior doors are a popular choice for everyone as they offer functionality, endurance, and style in every room. The wood that is used in walnut doors has been used for years in homes all over the world. So, we have composed our esteem of why solid walnut doors is our favorite choice but why should you prefer walnut doors for your place?


Walnut Internal doors will add a glow to any place whether office or bedroom. It can even match minimalist furniture and white walls. Walnut internal doors bring cosiness in winters owing to the hardwood components. It is an excellent wood for light colours too so there’s both light and dark and it’s extensible in that it looks identically good with contemporary interiors or classic.

A good quality of walnut interior doors are known for its standard quality of furnishing. But one flaw and that is enough to ruin the whole look. That is why we insist our customers to choose the best quality and finished walnut interior doors. Walnut doors come with a proper finish that improves grains and can blend with any furnishings and colour schemes. They come with

  • Panels, (with or without)
  • standard fire ratings, glazed or unglazed,
  • frosted glass or plain

At Emerald doors, we make it easy for you to choose the best that reflects your home. Our high-quality walnut internal doors are manufactured for long-time investments. We design and manufacture the walnut doors that can match your contemporary interiors. We customize your requirements with the minutest of details that give an elegant look. We can also groove these internal doors to give a three-panel effect that looks modern and stylish.


  • Walnut has long been the most favourable choice among the interior designers. It gives a contrasting touch against the contemporary surroundings. It is in dark shade that can give rooms and furniture in the rooms a dramatic edge and a visual impact in the minimalist spaces. It also promises to give the contemporary-styled homes an ounce of old-world and treasured charm. In country-style homes, it fits in with warm wood shades and gives an appealing lavish feel.
  • Walnut is primarily a hardwood. This makes it instantly recognizable and a strongly grained feel. It is an ideal choice for most of the ornate style statements. This straight-grained hardwood ranges from chocolate brown to yellow. It is typically oiled or clear-coated to bring out its colour. The colour can be beautiful.
  • Walnut is a very stable and strong wood. This might require intricate carving.
  • Walnut comes from the family of rich woods. Sometimes the colour variations for all customers do not vary from light to dark and this is found on a single wide board.
  • One of the best qualities of walnut interior doors is its style that is truly timeless. We have been using walnut interior doors throughout centuries of human history and still its look never ages.
  • It is said to be an on-trend classic. Trends may change with time and new woods, hardware might come and go. However, selecting to buy a walnut interior door is more likely a right investment for you. It can withstand time for ages.

As long as it gives you charming look for years and functions smoothly, what more can we ask for?


Walnut internal doors are currently the hot favorite choices in the world of interiors. After quite a few years, it has made its comeback and acquired its right position. You can use innovative walnut furniture at unexpected places. It has elegance and style that can grab the attention of many. We completely ensure you that it can give a royal touch to your contemporary rooms.


Are you someone who loves a classic look with walnut furniture?

You have landed at the right place then. Walnut interior doors are sure to complement the overall impression. It is also possible to complement the original features such as an old house with modern and furnished furniture and of course, walnut doors. This gives a nice fusion touch as the old style blends completely with the new changes without much compromises with the memorable features.

Walnut creates a more classic and traditional feel. Moreover, it also helps in integrating more modern elements. You can get doors in a more modern or classic style and walnut can balance both. Walnut interior doors can bridge the gap between the contemporary and classic ways. This is a nice amalgamation of ancient history and modern style in the most stylish and elegant manner.


If you are looking to give a traditional, modern touch or both to your house, office or workplace, then walnut internal doors can prove to be an extraordinary choice. We have an exquisite collection of walnut doors such as walnut fire doors, fully finished walnut internal doors, and various types of glazing options, you can check it on our site. They are available in all sizes with properly finished touch. They are the best you can always trust on to give your properties a ravishing look. You can call us 01422 387331 if you need any advice or suggestions on which ones are the best-suited that match your interiors. We are always happy to serve you!

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