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Hardwood Doors

One can find a large number of hardwood internal doors here boasting of unequivocal quality and class, while also adding robustness and insulation to interior design.

At Emerald Doors, our collection of hardwood Interior Doors are sourced from outstanding quality timber and also produced under terrific quality control. Our Internal doors also feature outstanding designs that also include traditional doors. Constructed from a type of redwood, the majority of the collection of hardwood doors are unfinished and can be stained as required. Oak doors and its popularity has risen in recent years but hardwoods doors have their own charm and popularity that also include glazed and panelled doors featuring raised and fielded panels.

Hardwood internal doors also boast of several benefits when they are to be installed new even as replacements. Hardwood also tends to be expensive, but some feel that the cost is acceptable with respect to its advantages. Several hardware stores have introduced designs, and now custom doors can be developed by request.

One of the major advantages of hardwood interior doors are aesthetics. They look terrific compared to hollow core doors and are more robust and appealing.

Solid hardwood doors also look suave over time, and their sturdiness ensures that they withstand heavy service over the years altogether.

In terms of energy efficiency, these doors provide much more insulation than other doors, keeping rooms protected from outside temperatures, if those doors are framed well.

Solid hardwood interior doors break down sound and commotion of the streets as noise will not pass through the wood keeping people bereft of outside activities. Old people can rest well while other rooms can have enough space for children to play.

Hardwood internal doors are perfect for complete privacy, especially in settings like legal offices and medical clinics.

If you are considering a revamp of your interior doors, consider what you need. Hollow core doors are inexpensive and can update old rooms drastically. But hardwood doors have a huge life compared to hollow core doors. Here are some advantages of choosing hardwood doors:

  • Premium Quality: Hardwood internal doors are made of quality wood and constructed as a single unit. The premium quality makes this wood versatile enough for use as interior or exterior door. The sturdiness adds to the weight of the door thus making it easy to open and close, block outside noise, and also to hold glass and mirrors in its frame.

  • Long-Lasting: The durability is directly connected to the material used for making doors. Unlike hardwood interior doors, hollow core doors do not have any filling; hence they are prone to damage and quite inexpensive too. On the other hand, solid hardwood doors are durable, long-lasting and quite resistant to wear and tear.

  • Enhanced Locks: Your hardwood interior doors play a pivotal role in deciding the interior design. The hardwood door can boost the décor style and match your aesthetic standards. They also add to the home’s resale value and can easily replace any hollow core doors.

  • Investment Piece: Choosing hardwood glazed internal door can lighten your wallet but would save you ample money on maintenance. You could choose interior doors that are cheap, but they will cost you more over time and even drive you to replace them earlier than expected. Most hollow core doors owe a lot of maintenance costs and are known to break down over time. Although hardwood doors cost more, they are worth it.

Always consider the door's quality, price, and durability when you buy a door. Hollow core doors work well for a quick fix to help you save money, but they don’t last long. Opt for premium quality hardwood internal doors always.

For those who want a budget-friendly option, solid hardwood doors manufactured using meranti and sapele wood are quite popular since they are cheaper than the higher-priced woods. Some of the popular ones include American cherry, American black walnut and the like. Meranti and sapele are rich in color and can be stained or waxed for a deeper shade adding warmth to any décor with the depth of their hues. They also do not contain extractives or silica and hence are quite good for gluing as some, which also means that screws and nails can be driven through without cracks within the wood.

Both variants of mahogany are growing fast are quite large while being a sustainable wood source. They would prove to be perfect for your hardwood internal doors and work as great insulators, allowing you to keep outside temperatures out – including hot and cold.

At Emerald Doors, our plethora of hardwood internal doors is timeless in more ways than one – design, appeal, durability, and class. The engineered construction of these doors and stylish design complements many decor in different geographies. One can opt for matching glazed doors to complement varied designs of these doors.

At Emerald Doors, our interior hardwood doors comes in unfinished, and fully finished, FD30 fire ratings, and various glazing options, and different sizes available. For any inquiry about hardwood internal doors, feel free to call us at  01422 387331.

Emerald Doors is famous for a variety of door styles. Check out more options on good quality internal doors for your home.

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