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Internal French doors offer a stunning addition to all kinds of homes and can elicit the illusion of space efficiently. Customers can bank on its versatile options along with the partition ideas. They also brighten a room allowing ample light, more than solid doors.

Emerald Doors offers top quality Internal French Doors that feature several finishes, including unfinished doors and primed doors. The glazing options are numerous too in the form of clear glass, bevelled glass, decorative glass, and the like. These doors are manufactured aligned with high standards and presented in multiple styles.

Benefits of Internal French Doors

  1. Secure: By installing French Doors, your home security is strengthened. They are quite customisable with security locks and adjustable hinge systems. Get your home the much-needed security and ensure peace of mind.

  2. Light: Interior French doors function as windows, allowing for more light to flood into your home. Replace old doors with Interior French doors, and you can let in more light than before into your home. Also, open doors to expand the living space towards the patio to circulate your home.

  3. Access: Internal French Doors are incredibly functional and allow additional access. These access points are useful to bring in larger items and can also be used as the entry point for parties in your home.

  4. Equity: When you add internal French doors, the value of your home is automatically increased. They represent an amenity that can boost the deal.

  5. Reduce Heating Bills: The installation of a set of internal French doors helps reduce heating and cooling costs. Interior designers always rely on the double glazed internal doors, and the double French doors to maximise air retention.

  6. Durability: The stunning Internal French doors, including the interior glass doors, are made of high-protection-grade glass. The strength of Internal French doors are never under question, and the expanding design options help many people find comfort and style together

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Internal French Doors

Interior French doors require less maintenance than other door types. They can slide open and close, and they do not need weatherproofing. Here are some cleaning and maintenance tips that could help you out though:

  • Lubrication: Doors that do not open and close smoothly and grind against one another need a light coating to ensure that the door works smoothly. Lubrication improves the lifespan of the door, and a little oil ensures everything ticks along well enough.

  • Cleaning Internal French Doors: Drive the frequency of maintenance of these doors with occasional wipe downs without the use of chemical cleaners. Touch up wooden doors with a fresh coat of varnish periodically. Cover up the glass with tape to avoid the finish sticking to the glass. Be cautious with sandpapering these doors.

  • Dry Internal Doors Time and Again: Do not expose wooden doors to moisture, or it will cause rotting.  To dry a door, use a lint-free cloth to eliminate excess water. Heat your doors during winters when cleaning with water. Wipe plastic doors with a dry cloth

  • Avoid Smear Marks When Cleaning Internal Glass Doors: One can use acidic solutions, including lemon juice, for cleaning the glass on doors.  Combine your cloth and a solution for rub-down every week. Do not leave smears from the cleaning though.

Contact Emerald Doors to discover our finest range of Internal French Doors, double French doors, and double glazed internal doors. The company has acquired a wealth of experience in matching customers with the perfect door choice for their homes. Contact us on 0845 62 50 755 to discuss your requirements.

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