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Internal sliding doors offer an incredibly versatile door choice for any home, so if you want the appearance of an open plan home with the practicality of a closable partition, combine the best of both worlds with one of our internal sliding doors. By choosing one of our interior bi-folding doors you can enjoy the maximum amount of space whether you choose to keep your doors open or closed. The wonderful bi-fold and sliding systems mean that the doors will tuck neatly away without taking up any space in your rooms, providing an ideal solution for those who need a flexible layout in their home.

Choose Internal Sliding Doors for the Perfect Open Plan Design

Our collection of internal sliding doors includes a huge variety of different choices for every customer. For an open plan appearance even when the doors are shut, our glazed internal sliding doors are a perfect choice. They also enable the maximum amount of light to shine through to your room while still providing the insulation you need from an interior door. Alternatively, opt for solid panel room dividers to give you the option of complete privacy when the doors are closed. Every home is different, and any fixture that is installed needs to fit in perfectly with the design of the room. We, therefore, cater for every requirement by offering our customers a huge selection of different internal sliding doors to choose from. Whether you need something for a traditional home or a modern one, we have the perfect choice for you.

More Information About Single, Double Internal Sliding Doors in the UK

Find out more about which internal sliding door option is the right fit for your home by contacting us on +44 1422 387331 and speaking to a member of our experienced team. Our folding sliding bifold doors are a special order item and refunds can not be accepted on these items.

Internal Sliding Door FAQs

Do sliding doors slide both ways?

Sliding doors are extremely flexible, and hence it is possible to position and configure them according to your needs. Sliding doors usually consist of two, three or even four panels that slide left or right or stay fixated.

Are sliding doors soundproof?

Because of their sliding mechanism, the sliding doors are zero percent soundproof. These doors cannot be completely sealed, and hence air passes easily through the mechanism. In the same way, sound can also pass easily through the mechanism of these sliding doors.

Can you have a sliding door in a bathroom?

Sliding doors are an amazing choice for bathrooms these days as they take up very little space, providing easy access. If you happen to have someone in your house who uses a wheelchair, sliding doors are just perfect for you. They are safe for young children too!

Are sliding doors easy to break into?

Sliding doors can be vulnerable to break-ins if they are not secured properly. The best part is that these doors are easy to secure. It is better to opt for traditional wood or metal sliding doors instead of glass ones as they are very easy to break.

What is a bypass sliding door?

The bypass sliding door is composed of two doors mounted one behind the other and can be moved parallel to the doorway for easy access. Bypass sliding door panels are set into two aluminum tracks, one at the top and the other at the bottom.

Can you use regular doors for sliding doors?

Converting regular doors into sliding doors is a big trend nowadays. And the best part is you can do it all by yourself, and you will just need the necessary tools and equipment required for this conversion, and you are good to go.

Why are sliding doors better than normal doors?

Sliding doors are perfect space savers if you have got compact spaces. These doors have a smooth and easy mechanism that makes them slide horizontally in either of the directions. If ventilation is a concern for you, sliding doors are perfect for installing!

Are sliding doors airtight?

This is the biggest drawback of a sliding door. In certain cases, when these doors are not installed properly, air passes easily through these sliding doors. If you want your sliding doors to be airtight, you must ensure that they are first installed properly.

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