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Fire Doors

Internal Fire doors prevent the spread of fire to multiple rooms and are therefore an essential part of any home. However, choosing fire resistant doors over the more conventional varieties doesn’t mean that you can’t have doors that look fantastic and fit in with the rest of your décor. We know how important it is to combine safety with the perfect look, so we have put together a collection of fire doors that are not only practical but will also add to the style of your home.

Fire Resistant Doors in Over 300 Designs

We have a huge variety of fire doors available, with a range that boasts over 300 designs, so we guarantee there is the perfect finish, colour and style for every customer. Whether you are looking for a traditional style, like a walnut internal fire door, or the more modern white or grey options, you are sure to find your ideal fire door in our range. We even have a selection of glazed fire doors that are not only fire resistant but will also provide the maximum amount of natural light to any room in your home.

Try Our Bespoke Fire Doors UK for the Perfect Fit

We know that the doorframes in each home can vary in size, which is why we provide multiple standard size options for our fire doors. We also have a selection of fire doors that can be specially made to order for those who can’t find the right dimensions among our standard sizes. Our range of bespoke fire doors means that even those who require unique measurements can have fire resistant doors in their favourite design.

Contact Us to Speak to One of Our Fire Door Experts

If you would like more information about how our fire doors can improve the safety of your home, contact us on 0845 62 50 755 and we will be happy to help with your enquiry.

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