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A solid and high-quality External Hardwood Door can give your property an enhanced value and look. These doors are made from high-quality teakwood or other kinds of wood, ensuring a perfect door for any home.

At Emerald Doors, we have an extensive collection of External Hardwood Doors with a range of impeccable designs and budget price. We deliver doors as per the standards. We also focus equally on the beauty, strength, durability, and design of the doors. We assure you get the best quality, and security while keeping the budget and product while you make a purchase. Our impressive collection of the hardwood doors come in a variety of designs, types like the glazed and unglazed doors, panel doors with plastic and metal panes and many customizations as per your choice.

External Hardwood Glazed Doors:

The perfect way to bring an exterior décor to life, the decorative external hardwood glazed doors are advantageous in many ways. They allow the natural light to enter your home. They help make the interiors of your house look more spacious. This is especially for the houses where there is a minimal flow of light through the front door. We also have an array of hardwood doors that maintain privacy whilst allowing the natural light to flood in.

We have a variety of options for the External Hardwood Doors at Emerald Doors. For every style, glass type, size, construct type, you get the excellent wood quality at our store. We will help you make the perfect impression with a door from our external hardwood collection irrespective of your style and interior of the house.

How to choose External Hardwood doors?

Some factors can help you decide which door to choose:

  • Aesthetics

  • Durability

  • Ease of maintenance

  • Cost

  • Feel

  • Insulation

  • Value added to the property

Benefits of Hardwood Doors:

Aesthetics: Hardwoods come in a vivid range of colors and grain effects. They are often combined with metal work or glass panels to create new designs. These wooden doors can be easily shaped, altered and customized as per your needs with the help of skilled craftsmen.

Feel: The best thing about hardwood door is it gives a feeling better than any of the counterparts. It gives a sense of security, quality with the solidity, texture, warmth, and weight it possesses. Moreover, the texture of these woods gives a pleasant and better touch than the metal or plastic equivalent.

Cost: Even though the hardwood doors add luxury to your property with the quality wood, they come at affordable costs. It is just like a one-time investment for your property and that too at a reasonable cost.

Insulation: Wood is a good insulator and can keep your warm inside the house. Additionally, it is also energy efficient and gives excellent insulation against sound. It can block the unwanted noise from entering your space if you live on the main road. Thus, apart from giving a luxury feel, it is also an excellent insulator.

Durability and Maintenance: Ideally, a good quality hardwood front door needs less maintenance. But, if installed, configured and taken good care, then it can last up to 25 years or more. The UPVC doors own a similar lifespan, and the plastic doors generally are rough and tough and do not rot.

Repair: The wooden doors can be easily mended as wood is easy to work with. If by chance, the door rots or damages, you can apply primer or a fix to the damaged area.

Environmentally Friendly: Wood is a pure natural product. The doors made from the forest woods are an environmental choice. If you are a resident of a conservation area, then you might have noticed the planners insist on using the traditional wooden windows, floors, and doors for renovation.

Property Values: If you are thinking about investing in an external door, we recommend a hardwood door. A hardwood door can increase the curb appeal of your residence, thus adding value to your property. It gives an aesthetic look to your house than the UPVC doors. The blend of contemporary exterior hardwood door and modern design can guarantee you a perfect look. It promises you a positive influence with no compromise in good quality.

We have a contemporary collection of exterior hardwood doors that match your style, requirements and your budget. At Emerald Doors, our mission is in providing every consumer with extraordinary quality, service, and product. We use naturally sourced wood to provide you with nothing less than what you deserve. Our cost-effective traditional and modern hardwood doors comply with the British Standards. We create doors that reflect your style and standard as every customer deserves the best.

To get the door of your choice, click on your choice. Or contact our team on 0845 62 50 755.

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