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Types of French Doors

10 Types of French Doors

Due to the increasing popularity, many types of French doors are available in the market. Not just external French doors but also internal French doors have plenty of options to select from. Let us have a look at all the different types of French doors.

1. External French Doors

External French doors are a great option for a grand entrance to your home. External French doors are usually stronger when compared to internal French doors because they are made to stand up to the elements. Also, they are also meant to keep intruders out and keep you safe inside.

External French Door

External French doors look amazing in modern, rustic, contemporary, as well as traditional homes. These doors allow natural sunlight and fresh air into your home while also improving the aesthetics. 

2. Internal French Doors

Internal French doors are much similar to external French doors. However, these doors are fitted inside your home, partitioning different rooms and spaces. They allow more light into your rooms while stylishly creating more space and dividing two rooms with door panels.

Internal French doors can be used as a bedroom, kitchen, dining room, and even closet. These doors provide easy access to different rooms and blend easily with the rest of your home interior. The stylish grace of the French doors makes them a perfect fit for your home, irrespective of the room.

3. Wood French Doors

Wood French doors or French timber doors are the most common choice when it comes to French doors. Due to the strength and stability of the wood, homeowners prefer wooden doors over other door materials for their homes. Moreover, French wood doors give a traditional look to your home.

Wood French Door

You have a lot of different options as to how a wood door looks depending on the type of wood and finish selected. You can always weather-proof your French wood doors to protect the wood from getting damaged due to excessive moisture.

4. Glass French Doors

Glass French doors are perfect for welcoming a lot of air into your home. These doors are the most aesthetically pleasing French doors. Most of these doors aren’t made completely out of glass. Rather, the main body of the door is made of glass with margins made of a stronger material such as wood or fiberglass.

Glass French Door

Many people think of plain glass panels when it comes to French doors, but you also have the option of decorative or stained glass windows. The main concern that people have with glass doors is that they will be fragile. 

5. Metal French Doors

Metal French doors are made up of a variety of materials such as steel or aluminium. Steel is great for security, and they are also easy to take care of and provides surprisingly good insulation. Steel French doors are prone to rust, scratches and dents easily.

However, aluminium doors are great because they don’t rust like a different type of metal, such as steel does. These doors are easy to take care of and are lighter than steel doors. Additionally, aluminium French doors are also rather reasonably priced, so you won’t have to pay extra to have aluminium French doors in your home.

6. Sliding French Doors

French doors typically open inward or outward on a hinge, but a sliding door is another great option. These doors sit on a track and are weighted so that they slide open and closed easily. They typically are layered with a fixed door and a mobile door.

Sliding French Door

Sliding French doors usually consist of metal frames such as steel or aluminium. Sliding French doors are typically made with large glass panels to let light in. On top of that, they are usually a little bit more inexpensive when compared to traditional French doors.

7. Bifold French Doors

Bifold doors work a bit differently from the other French doors. Instead of working on a set of hinges or a track, they use both. They usually consist of a pair of doors or more that are connected on a hinge.

Oftentimes, you will see these used as closet doors. They fold up onto each other off to the side rather than opening like a traditional door when used. They can be used anywhere and can be a unique choice to add a one-of-a-kind style to your home.

8. French Pocket Doors

French pocket doors don’t fold like bi-fold doors do but rather slide, sometimes in front of or behind stationary doors or walls. These doors usually have an interior pocket, and with this pocket, the French pocket doors can slide into the wall.

French Pocket Door

Just like a standard sliding door, you would want to ensure that the track is kept clean and regularly maintained so that the French pocket doors can slide smoothly. These doors are usually preferred as internal doors over external doors.

9. French Patio Doors

French patio doors are chic and classy for external doors opening toward the backyard or a garden. These doors let in plenty of natural light and air, as they are made up of large glass panels. The door frame is usually made up of metals such as steel or aluminium.

French Patio Door

You could also have an additional option of French patio doors by converting them into sliding patio doors. These doors work the same as a French patio door but can also slide along tracks, giving you more accessible space.

10. Single French Doors

Single French doors are single doors made of glass or wood. Single French doors can be used as both internal doors as well as external doors. The most common metals used for single French doors are uPVC, aluminium, and steel.

Single French Door

These doors are the best choice if you happen to have a compact space where double doors cannot fit. However, if you have space, we would suggest opting for double French doors as they provide natural ventilation and give your home's interior an uplift.

What are French Doors?

The French doors are extremely popular in the UK because of their amazing features and classic look. One of the best ways to achieve the maximum amount of light in your home and brighten up any room is by installing French doors.

French doors utilise as much natural light as possible to illuminate a room and make it look beautiful. The primary purpose of French doors is to give you an unobstructed view and plenty of natural light.

Why is it Called a French Door? 

The French doors originated in France between the 16th and 17th centuries. These doors are designed with glass panels extending from top to bottom of the door, providing a perfect proportion of sunlight in the home. These doors are also known as “window doors'' as they were used as oversized French windows before.


These are the different types of French doors available for you to select from. French doors are a perfect match for both internal doors as well as external doors. However, it is advisable to carefully consider the pros and cons of each French door before setting for one.

Author: Shabana kauser

Shabana Kauser, the Director of Emerald Doors, brings over 20 years of invaluable expertise in the door industry. Her visionary leadership has steered the company to new heights, offering an extensive range of internal and external doors while prioritizing quality and customer satisfaction. The website's glowing reviews stand as a testament to her commitment to excellence. To learn more about Emerald Doors, connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.