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How To Stop A Door Swinging Open

How To Stop A Door Swinging Open: DIY Guide

A faulty door can be an everyday hassle to deal with. They can go off-hook as a result of repeated use or ageing. Whether your interior door doesn't shut around the edges or your exterior French door swings open by itself, fixing it is usually not a problem when you follow the right steps. This DIY guide will lay down the step-by-step procedure to learn how to stop a door from swinging open.

Required Tools And Equipment

Before you get started, you will require a set of the right tools to use to fix a swinging door.

  • Hammer
  • Scrap piece of wood
  • Screwdriver

Step 1: Remove the Old Hinge Pin

Adjusting the old hinges normally fixes the problem. A loose door can be corrected by popping out the pin from either the top, middle, or bottom hinge. Put the screwdriver at the base of the pin at the bottom of the hinge and, with a hammer, tap on the screwdriver in the upward direction. Doing this will loosen and push the pinout of the hinge. You can then remove it easily with your hand.

Step 2: Slightly Bend the Old Hinge Pin

You will now need to realign one or more of the hinge pins. Place the hinge pin on a flat surface like a piece of wood and tap with a hammer to create a slight bend on it. A few taps will bend the hinge pin just enough for it to create the necessary friction required to stop the door from swinging open.

Important note: When you remove the hinge pin, check if it is straight. If it is, then create a slight bend on it. If it is already bent, use the hammer to straighten it out.

Step 3: Place the Old Hinge Pin Back and test Door

Once you've bent or straightened out the faulty hinge pin, insert it back into the hinge frame. Tap the hinge pin from the top with a hammer until it aligns perfectly with the hinge. Test the door to see if it's still swinging. If it is, remove the faulty hinge pin, bend it further using a hammer, and place it back in the hinge until the door stops swinging open.

Key Takeaways

Fixing a door that swings open usually just requires adjusting the door hinge pins. Following the above steps to find the right bend in the hinge pin can easily correct the defective door and stop it from swinging open every time, saving you the annoyance!

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FAQs About Door Swinging

How to stop the patio door from swinging open?

As beautiful as your French patio doors look, it can be daunting to stop them from swinging or blowing open in the wind. Choosing the correct and sturdy door hinges is the best way to stop the door from opening. Besides this, you can install a standard deadbolt or choose a double-cylindrical deadbolt. You can also consider installing a three-point locking system.

How to stop an interior door from swinging open?

You can follow the aforementioned steps to stop an interior door from swinging open. A faulty door that doesn't stay put is normally always a case of unaligned hinges. You can also try adjusting the hinges inwards or outwards and then tightening the screws. However, you can avoid facing issues like these by buying your interior doors from a trusted brand.

How to stop an exterior door from swinging open?

Exterior doors that swing open are, again, usually a case of slightly askew hinges. However, you can take extra precautions to stop the exterior door from swinging open by installing a latch guard or security bar or even using a door lock hinge protector. You should also avoid low-grade doors and hinges to bypass these problems.

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