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40 Small Kitchen Design Ideas

40 Small Kitchen Design Ideas

A kitchen is what makes a house a home. It is where your day begins and ends.

It defines the tone of your day. And that is why kitchen designs in 2019 are brought to fruition with rigorous thought and meticulous care.

So, here are the 40 small kitchen design ideas that can give you styling and arranging motivation to change the structure of your kitchen.

Table of Content:

  1. Storage Space

  2. Decorative Walls

  3. Lighting

  4. Doors

  5. Cabinetry

  6. Kitchen Island

  7. Kitchen Sink

  8. Kitchen Floor

  9. Bonus

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas

  1. Compact Containers:

How thankful are you for these pretty little space savers?

These boost the productivity and performance of your small designer kitchens. Your choice of compact containers often reflects your style of living, be it in a kitchen in a country house or a compact cabin.

Compact Containers

Image Credit: Annie Schlechter

Compact containers, custom made for a multitude of purposes have the sole aim of minimizing the use of storage space while leaving a neat and stylish look behind. Small kitchen design layouts are built on the idea of compact containers with their ably to accommodate all your needs!

  1. Turn Every Corner Into a Storage Space:

A creative mind will create opportunities, and these small kitchen design ideas are optimized to reduce the likelihood of accidents.

Turn Every Corner Into a Storage Space

Image Source

Imagine your smart kitchen having inbuilt cabinet storage in corners while having space for sauces and a cute indoor plant on top of it! View more Corner Storage designs on Pinterest.

  1. Add Storage Helpers:

Categorizing and compartmentalizing are the keys to a clutter-free kitchen while providing security for all the goods.

Storage Helpers

Image Source

Drawer or cabinet systems have become increasingly common as they provide content visibility and are extremely easy to access. View more Storage Drawers designs on Pinterest.

  1. Create Your Own Storage Nook:

Instead of filling your attic with boxes you will never open again, take the help of small kitchen extension ideas. Storing Kitchen Bulk, Shelf Makeshift Unit, and Fold-Away Drying Rack is some of the best designs for small kitchens that will save space for you in a smart way.

Storage Nook

Image Source

Create a storage space out of every nook and corner of your house with 'additional storage helpers' in the cabinets, making better use of the limited space you have.

  1. Appliance Garage:

An appliance garage is a space-saving option for a small kitchen designs, where you can store countertop appliances and other things out of the site and pull them out when needed.

Appliance Garage

Image Source

It can accommodate your microwave, mixer grinder or even a coffee pot. It has to be custom made depending upon the location and the dimensions of the appliance it is carrying. It keeps your appliances accessible yet out of sight. View more Appliance Garage designs on Pinterest.

  1. Pull-Out Workspaces:

Pull-out workspace is a concept that works perfectly with the small kitchen designs. It is a smart way of multiplying the work area without having to install any additional cabinets. In a kitchen, it gives added food prep area nearly doubling the space.

Pull-Out Workspaces

Image Credit: Brandon Stengel, Farm Kid Studios

  1. Drawer Organizers:

Drawer organizers will make your life simple. They make your kitchen remarkably clutter-free, and you will be surprised to see the amount of space you will save by installing these drawer organizers for a small kitchen design.

Drawer Organizers

Image Source

A single multi-sectioned insert can clear the mess you'll have. Cutlery trays, plate organizers, container holders, knife holders can be organized and a considerable amount of place can be saved.

  1. Vertical Storage:

Vertical storage is one of the defining features of small designer kitchens. It is practical and economical and is easier to install in small kitchens than a horizontal one.

Vertical Storage

Image Source

It occupies very little space while accommodating much material.  Storing and organization become a child's play on installing vertical storage units. Do not mistake it to mean only for small objects. It speeds up time and increases stock levels. View more Vertical Storage designs on Pinterest.

  1. Racks and Hooks Storage:

Be it keys, pictures, mugs or socks- rack and hook storage is the perfect economical solution. For small kitchen designs, racks and hooks are the best options where saving space is a challenging task.

Racks and Hooks Storage

Image Source

They help you get super-organized while enhancing the overall appearance of the area.

  1. Storage Space-Savers:

Not limited to apartments and cabins, space savers are meant to make lives simpler in any housing. They create room for your utensils and tools within the space you have without having to install additional cabinets.

Storage Space-Savers

Image Credit: Annie Schlechter

Any unused nook and cranny of the kitchen are all it takes to fit in storage space savers in them to provide safe storage for your things.

  1. Creative Storage:

Modern problems call for modern solutions, and innovative storage techniques stand by the statement. They will empower you in utilizing the available space at its best saving you space, energy, and time.

Creative Storage

Image Source

Small kitchen designs aim at providing storage hacks that can also bring beauty to your household. Organization is the key, and when done it right, you will have room for things-wanted or unwanted.

  1. Practical Floating Shelves:

Floating shelves are as good as storage solutions can get. They do not occupy an inch of the flooring space and absolutely appealing in appearance.

Practical Floating Shelves

Image Source

They do not overpower the texture of the kitchen design but only accessorize your kitchen more productively while standing out.

Small Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

  1. Subway Tile:

The class and elegance of a subway tile never go out of style. It is timeless in nature as it can blend with any spacing- kitchens, bathrooms or bedrooms.

Subway tiles also have a sanitizing surface, which makes them perfect for small designer kitchens. They blend in with numerous architectural styles while catering to your personal needs and interests when you put your twist on it! View more Subway Tile designs on Pinterest.

  1. Perky Colours:

When it comes to setting a tone to your kitchen, habitually there is a lack of colours and usage of only one or two tones from the palette. Most of the homemakers choose to stick to one tone and create a more serious and formal character of the kitchen.

Perky Colours

Image Credit: Trevor Dixon (styled by Matthew Gleason)

However, many other bold and daring kitchen designs will create the field to display as many colours as possible. A multi-coloured kitchen is a bold choice and is a perfect fit for anyone who wants to attain a distinctive, unique, and perky ambience in the kitchen.

  1. Use Up the Walls:

One-wall kitchens are slowly gaining prominence. Interestingly, it sticks to the wall, which benefits you in certain things, such as gives you more space and prevents you from breaking up an open floor-plan from the kitchen to the dining space and living room.

Use Up the Walls

Image Source

One wall kitchen designs often require us to get even more creative with our space to ensure that every culinary need is met in an arrangement that suits our personal style.

  1. Plains and Prints:

A mix and match of plains and prints are often employed in a variety of styles of housing in accordance with the needs and interests of the designer.

Plains and Prints

Image Source

It really can be the small, simple details of kitchen design - tailored to the way that you cook and use the space - that make your space a joy to use.

Small Kitchen Lighting Ideas

  1. Get Some Statement Lighting:

Make a bold statement by illuminating your living space with statement lighting. Pick the designs for small kitchens which complement your natural lighting while reducing power consumption; you just gifted yourself an ultra-modern abode.

Get Some Statement Lighting

Image Source

Proportions and architectural features of the spacing are to be carefully considered while fixing the lights in the kitchen. View more Kitchen Lighting designs on Pinterest.

  1. Open Up With Skylights:

Skylights are artistic means of pampering your kitchen with natural light. Installing skylights instantly increases the worth of your house.

Open Up With Skylights

Image Credit: Mad About Your House

It allows more light and fresh air into your room and can certainly give a ''refreshing'' experience to your guests.

  1. Let the Light In:

Adequately lighting your home with balanced natural and artificial light is a task best left to the experts. But it undeniably depends on your personal needs and interests.

Let the Light In

Image Source

Letting the natural light in a home gives its members a feeling of peace while making the place bigger and brighter.


Small Kitchen Door Ideas

  1. Glass Doors:

Glass doors are must for a modern kitchen and are becoming increasingly popular in every design of the kitchen.

Glass Doors

Image Source

They are perfect for cabinets as they provide visibility and save you a lot of time in finding the right spice jar. Their transparent doors do their job while keeping the utensils off dust. The lustre of the room is credited to its glass doors. View more Glass Door designs on Pinterest.

  1. Shiny and Transparent:

Shiny and transparent doors to your kitchen mix well with all styles and types of kitchen. They are a great option with open shelves and closed cabinets too.

Shiny and transparent doors

These doors are your go-to for a stylish and small kitchen design. Room Divider doors are also common with many kitchens that form the partition between the rest of the home and kitchen. They also work as a means of ventilation for your kitchen.

  1. Sleek Sliding Doors:

If you are looking for a sleek space saving doors that is unique, elegant and brings additional texture to your kitchen, then the sliding door is a great option indeed.

Sleek Sliding Doors

Sliding doors have extra large panes of glass that run from the top to the bottom of each door panel. This design maximises any natural light, ensuring that you can enjoy floodlit interior in the kitchen throughout the day.

Small Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

  1. Install Floor-to-Ceiling Cabinetry:

For items that aren't as critical for food prep but are still needed in the kitchen, floor to ceiling cabinets is a great storage solution that won't take up any floor space.

Floor-to-Ceiling Cabinetry

Image Source

These cabinets offer unlimited models of storage options in the form of drawers, pull-outs, cubbies and other internal organizing systems. They can work as a built-in mini pantry in the work area of the kitchen itself. They also provide a clean and uncluttered look to the kitchen. View more Floor to Ceiling Cabinetry designs on Pinterest.

  1. Innovative Cabinetry:

It is a craft that is designed to make life simpler. It is where reality meets the luxury of creativity. Modern kitchen cabinets are innately innovative- clean and streamlined. A small kitchen island can harbour modern cabinets that feature up-to-date components to store cookware and dishware.

Innovative Cabinetry

Image Source

A cool thing about modern and contemporary kitchens is that they find new and ingenious ways of blending looks and function, and this purpose is solely achieved by innovative cabinetry.

  1. Screened and Lighted Cabinets:

One of the most important factors in choosing the right illuminated cabinet is its structure.

Screened and Lighted Cabinets

Image Source

There are different types of lighted cabinets, and a proper cabinet should be carefully chosen based on the size & installation elevation. The main concerns here are related to repair and maintenance. A properly chosen cabinet can promise higher productivity.

Small Kitchen Island Ideas

  1. Get a Functional Kitchen Island:

The upsides of having a kitchen island are infinite. A functional kitchen island will provide storage space in addition to your cabinets. It can also serve a small dining area with extra seating when the hall is full, and you know your kids would love to grab a quick bite near the island.

Functional Kitchen Island

Image Source

A kitchen island always has room for additional kitchen amenities. It exists aloof from the main action while putting utensils at hand reaching distance. View more Kitchen Island designs on Pinterest.

  1. Kitchen Island on Wheels:

A kitchen island offers additional counter space and storage for your storage needs. Whether space is limited or you require a solution for organization, small kitchen island help you get the most from valuable kitchen real estate.

Kitchen Island on Wheels

Image Credit: Jen Woodhouse

You may wish to choose one with a granite top, a breakfast bar, or a microwave shelf option depending on your intention. View more Kitchen Islands with Wheels designs on Pinterest.

Small Kitchen Sink Ideas

  1. Supersize the Sink:

Supersizing the washbowl is beneficial for your small kitchen design. It can handle larger items of your kitchenware while making it easier to clean them. It fits into a broad range of kitchen designs with easier faucet placement.

Supersize the Sink

Image Source

The super-size sink also saves your money on a dishwasher as your small kitchen might not have space for a dishwasher. That way super size sink can help you out very efficiently. View more Supersize Sink designs on Pinterest.

  1. Modern and Efficient Kitchen Sink:

Small kitchen designs solely focus on multiplying the efficiency quotient of your kitchen without having to alter the layout of it. The best modern kitchens have ample space for cooking, dining, washing, and storing a variety of utensils and appliances.

Modern and Efficient Kitchen Sink

Image Source

A kitchen is modern only when it can take maximum advantage of the space there is, which includes the overlooked space below the sink. A cabinet can be installed in there to store detergents, soaps, etc. Faucet placement is another key feature for an efficient kitchen sink as water usage can be controlled.

Small Kitchen Floor Ideas

  1. Warm It Up With a Rug:

Having a rug on the kitchen floor comes with its own advantages. A perfect kitchen rug will bring texture to a neutrally coloured kitchen and also give you some comfort underfoot.

Warm It Up With a Rug

Image Source

Rug can fill the narrow spaces in a kitchen like those between kitchen island and nearby counters while adding colour to the scene. Larger rugs bring warmth to the place making it even more appealing to the eye! View more Rugs designs on Pinterest.

  1. Open Floor Effect:

The Open floor plan is an epitome for a small kitchen. It spreads natural lighting, makes the kitchen bigger, and also keeps an eye on your children when you are occupied.

Glazed Sliding Door

Image Credit: David Giles

It helps you achieve a modern look to your house. It facilitates your everyday life, as family members can still interact with each other though present in different areas.

  1. Fabulous Flooring:

Floors of a kitchen are the ones that have to survive constant wear and tear. It has to be tough, beautiful, add a sense of personality to space, and cater to the practical needs of the individual/industry simultaneously.

It is more of a permanent element and hence has to be installed upon meticulous research. On regular maintenance, investing in your floors will prove to be beneficial by increasing the resale value. The importance of flooring can't be overstated as it impacts the health of your home.


  1. Keep Your Kitchen Scheme Simple:

Small kitchen designs zoom in on the colour scheme patterns of a smart kitchen. A simple monochromatic colour scheme suits best for any kitchen that flows easily through your cabinets, centre stage, and the island.

Yellow Cabinets


Image Credit: Sean McEvoy

A simple kitchen scheme is easy to attract and will also help you in creating a warm and welcoming environment in your kitchen. It also complements the lighting in the room.

  1. Go Modern:

Modern kitchens generally feature flat surfaces, geometric forms, and little ornamentation or adornments and designs for small kitchen are meant to be simple, smart, and secure.

Modern kitchens

Image Source: Insight Studio

Every tool and product you see must go easy on both power and pocket. Hence this will help you skim through the overwhelming number of designing choices brought to you and choose wisely among them.

  1. Modern-Off Whites:

White always pleased homemakers and blends perfectly with all the styles of kitchen. It creates an illusion of a larger area to the place while giving it an elegant look.

Modern-Off Whites

Image Source

An off-white kitchen with balanced coloured between the cabinets and the dining brings out the openness to a new level. It also makes the appliances stand out. As it absorbs more light than other darker colours, the room feels bigger and brighter in white.

  1. Rich Metallic Details:

Metallic finishes will promise a grand outlook- be it on a product or a setting. Stainless steel and other metallic finishes might make you think of cold, sterile commercial kitchens, but infusing hints of metal into your home decor can seamlessly bring warmth, texture, and depth to space.

Rich Metallic Details

Image Source

Add glamour and warmth to your abode with metallic details to your designs. Their reflective surfaces also help in bouncing and dispersing unwanted lighting.

  1. Downsized Breakfast Nook:

Small is the new big. Having a downsized breakfast nook is an absolute asset in a new-age small apartment. It makes small kitchen design layouts sleek and modern.

Downsized Breakfast Nook

Image Credit: Doyle Design Group

A minimalistic breakfast nook is often created by pushing the dining table to the wall, instantly saving space. It is a priceless space saver and maybe also used as a small table for books, computers, and drinks to rest upon or even turn into extra seating. View more Breakfast Nook designs on Pinterest.

  1. Splashback Windows:

Windows make practical sense to a kitchen as they facilitate the inflow and outflow of air and light. Splashback windows can be placed behind your benchtop and come in two forms: fixed or operable.

Splashback Windows

Image Source

Both showcase your view and invite natural light into your kitchen. In addition to this, operable splashback windows provide for extra ventilation and airflow. For kitchens that are quite dim without the added light, splashback windows are a practical, stylish, and modern kitchen feature that you’re sure to love. They can also create an illusion of a larger space in small kitchen designs.

  1. Modern Galley Kitchen:

A galley kitchen is usually found on a ship where working and storage areas have to be optimized to their best. It consists of two parallel runs of units forming a central corridor- a work area and wash cum storage area.

Sliding Door

Image Source

Cooking areas are close to one another in proximity and cooking, cleaning and storing appear to have been aligned to each other.  Installing innovative cabinets, breakfast bars, splashback windows, and other space savers, can make a galley kitchen more functional than an ordinary kitchen.


  1. Hideaway Kitchen Counter:

Optimizing the space inside a kitchen is extremely important even if there’s no real need for additional space in the room. It’s essential to have a good understanding of the area for good optimization and to ensure minimal waste of space.

A hideaway kitchen counter keeps the appliances handy yet hidden- space saving and also keeping them dust-free. When combined with stylish appearances, a hideaway kitchen counter is irresistible to anyone. View more Hideaway Counter designs on Pinterest.


Modern interior designing makes interior spaces functional, safe, and beautiful by determining space requirements and selecting decorative items, such as colours, lighting, and materials. The sole objective of any designing strategy for small kitchen design layouts would be to meet personal needs and professional needs midway while maintaining productivity and performance at the same time.



Shabana Kauser is the dynamic owner of Emerald Doors, the famous door-selling company in the UK with immense knowledge and experience in working with architecture, interior design, and home decor. She continues to share tips and technical know-how of balancing interior elements, door fittings, room aesthetics, and the like. Personally, she loves coffee, always dabbling with several blends.

Author: Shabana kauser

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