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14 Amazing Facts About Oak Wood & Its Uses

14 Amazing Facts About Oak Wood & Its Uses

Oakwood is wood cut from oak trees and known for its robust strength, uniform textures and beautiful grain in its bark. Oakwood is classified as hardwood with more than 600 species available in nature. Red oak and white oak are the most preferred ones for most woodworking projects. The strength of Oakwood and its fine grains make it popular enough for making cabinets and other parts of furniture and in many cases, even hardwood floors.

The color of Oakwood is dependent on the tree from which it is cut. White oak color includes shades from grey to brown while Red oak has most of the wood colored in dark pink to brown. The unique color variations within a single wood piece are helpful as it can be used as veneers that lead to affordable furniture bearing the beauty of oak. Oak wood has prominent grain and is quite resistant to any sort of fungal attack, owing to its density and shelf life. The durability has increased its applications in varied kitchen accessories and chopping boards while also utilizing its natural attributes.


Amazing Oak Wood Facts:

Oak Tree

1. High Density: Oak wood boasts a higher density of 0.75 g/cubic centimetres than that of the pinewood, which is approximately 0.43 g/cubic centimetre. The Oak wood is immensely durable, tough, fungal-resistant, and widely used in making superior quality European Oak furniture like internal and external doors.

2. The Durability of a Century: The oak panels in the chamber of House of Commons are examples of its wood's durability. Oak was used in shipbuilding until metal replaced its use.

3. Symbol of Nations: The oak tree is one of the key symbols of many nations. England terms oak as it's national tree, and used in the construction of houses of parliament. It is also a symbol for the Conservative Party of UK, and also an important emblem for Germany, US, France etc.

4. Sacred Plant: Oak is a sacred plant for Greek God, Zeus, and his Roman counterpart, Jupiter. It is believed that the voice of Zeus can be heard amongst rustling of leaves in Dodona, during lightning storms. Italians also associate oak tree to their gods.

5. Found in Europe and Africa: The English oak belongs to the group of Quercusrobur and found in Europe and North Africa.

6. Wine and Whiskey Storage: Oak barrels are used to Wine and Whisky like red wines, brandy, Scotch, and Bourbon whiskey rendering unique aroma, color, and taste to the drinks.

7. Oldest Living Organism: Jurupa Oak clonal colony in California is touted to be world's oldest living organism at an age of nearly 13,000 years, belonging to QuercusPalmeri species, which re-sprouts from burned stems.

8. Production of Acorns: It takes oaks twenty to fifty years for the first production of acorns. Trees aging till hundred years can produce up to 2000 acorns every year, even reaching 2200 in its lifespan. But only one in 10 000 acorns develop into a real, big oak tree!

9. Musical Drums: Japanese oak is used for making several professional drums owing to its higher density compared to traditional drum materials like maple and birch.

10. Aged Wood: Most oak species are touted to survive for more than 200 years. An oak tree planted during King John's reign lived for 800+ years. The Major Oak in Sherwood Forest, in Nottinghamshire, England is said to be 1,000 years old and housed Robin Hood and his outlaws for many years.

11. Priciest Oak: Bog oak is one of the most salvaged species and boasts of a limited supply since they are in the early stages of fossilization. The prices are incredibly high for this type of wood.

12. Evergreen: The term holm oak is also known as Evergreen Oak, since it bears leaves for the entire year, as falling old leaves give way to new ones soon enough. Holm Oak shares several traits as White Oak too.

13. Biggest Oak Tree: One of the biggest oak trees is located in Goose Island State Park and measures a staggering 45 feet tall, 35 feet wide, and gigantic 90 feet crown in diameter.

14. Magnificent Dimensions: Due to the oak tree's large dimensions, the tree requires lots of water per day - about 50 gallons of water on a daily basis.


Top Uses ofᅠOakwood

Oak trees are used for several applications. They produce acorns that are used in some foods and beverages, while the wood is used in construction and in aging of wine.

1. Furniture & Construction: Oakwood is used to build household furniture including doors, chairs, tables and furniture, and even floors.

2. Natural Medicine: Certain oak bark has huge medical properties that aid in the treatment of a plethora of health conditions. Oak is included in creams and tea for its properties in curing kidney stones.

3. Wine Storage: Wine barrels are stored in white oak barrels and even aged in them with enhancement in flavors. Cork in oak wood is used primarily to seal several wine bottles. The northern red oak is a prized group for lumber-work and is marketed as red oak. The oak is not used primarily for outdoor use unless it is treated with preservatives. Cherry bark oak is another popular red oak, which provides excellent use in timber.

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Author: Shabana kauser

Shabana Kauser, the Director of Emerald Doors, brings over 20 years of invaluable expertise in the door industry. Her visionary leadership has steered the company to new heights, offering an extensive range of internal and external doors while prioritizing quality and customer satisfaction. The website's glowing reviews stand as a testament to her commitment to excellence. To learn more about Emerald Doors, connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.