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15 Bathroom Trends

15 Bathroom Trends for 2024

Staying cooped up in your house? There's a better way to pass your time during the lockdown: by browsing through some of the latest bathroom trends this year.

Irrespective of whether your bathroom is only a small space or big enough to make a decorative splash, these 15 bathroom trends will inspire you to breathe some fresh air into your bathrooms.

1. Smart Bathroom

Rounding out our list of the top modern bathroom ideas the smart bathroom. Right from your toilets to your showers, you'll be blown away by how many features you can automate in your bathroom. For instance, the shower touchpad that you see in the image above can control temperature, lights, and more!

Fascinating Elements

  • Smart showers that can be set to heat the water while returning home from work
  • Automated sinks that spray out water by sensing human presence
  • Toilets with automatic lid openers, seat warmers, built-in deodorisers, and more
  • Built-in Bluetooth speaker system that controls lighting and temperature via speech

2. The Scenic Basin

Right from ancient palaces to modern homes, ceramic basins have always remained the coolest of the bathroom trends. With a variety of designs to choose from, these functional sinks can be used to add a pop of colour to your bathroom.

Fascinating Elements

  • The standard choice that's easy to maintain and clean
  • The glossy finish highlights the cleanliness of the bathroom
  • It is the ideal wash basin material for family bathrooms
  • Can be set as a semi-recessed, washplane, or top-mount basin

3. The Spacious Open Shower

There's more than one way to visually enhance the size of your bathroom space. In addition to the floating vanities, embrace the latest bathroom trend—the open showers.

Fascinating Elements

  • Offers more space and makes it convenient to use
  • The open shower's frame protects you from slipping over the edge of your tub while getting out
  • Enhances accessibility and increases the safety and comfort of the elderly
  • Since the surfaces are smooth and non-porous, it's very easy to maintain and clean

4. The Industrial Toast

Incorporating an industrial-themed vanity or sink only makes sense if you want to go for a more contemporary style. Its metal finishes amp up your bathroom's persona with an edgy and classy punch. Moreover, you can experiment with a wide range of fun tile patterns to complement the designs.

Fascinating Elements

  • Concrete is great for built-in shelving and is versatile in hollowed-out spaces that can be used to hold towels or other bathing accessories
  • Matte black finishes enhance the industrial theme
  • The use of metals in warmer tones, such as copper, is eye-catching
  • A focus on popping colours with pale wood can take the design to the next level

5. The Luminous Glamour

If it's a dinner with your sweetheart, it's the candlelight that sparks the romantic aura in the air. Similarly, for a rich bathing experience, you need an integrated lighting system. This lighting option adds a touch of sophistication and works particularly well with a marble finish.

Fascinating Elements

  • Surpasses the normal and presents extraordinary
  • Adds value for the fixture
  • Plenty of designs to choose from
  • Gives room for light source optimisation

6. The Pure Woods

This year the minimalist bathroom trend, fashioned by crisp wooden pieces. Your bathroom is the one space where you can display the splendour of nature. Installing a wooden cabinet is a good way to bring some extra warmth to your space.

Fascinating Elements

  • Serves the impression of more space by opening up the floor.
  • Organic touch enhances the serenity in the bathroom
  • Strong and durable
  • Keeps humidity in control

7. The Rainfall Shower

This bathroom trend turns every bath into a luxurious spa experience. What's more, you get an invigorating stream of water with this shower option, which is much similar to that of a heavy waterfall.

Fascinating Elements

  • Offers a grand and immersive bathing experience
  • Most of the Shower-heads are environment friendly
  • Flexible design that adjusts to varied positions
  • Offers multiple spray settings - right from a natural rainfall feel to that of a concentrated spray for a light rinsing

8. The Vintage Sanctuary

The vintage theme is yet another spiffy bathroom trend that embraces rich and vivid colour palettes. A decadent blend of abstract graphics with exotic tropical plants is all you need to transform your bathroom into a vintage sanctuary.

Fascinating Elements

  • Stuns visitors with its big, bright, and bold theme
  • Instills the spirit of adventure and welcomes warm energy
  • An aquamarine and leafy palm print wallpaper turns your bathroom into a safe haven
  • LED light bulbs alongside the mirror mark that fresh touch of vintage charm

9. The Wainscoting Backsplash

Wainscoting was launched in the 18th century as a cheap yet efficient way to insulate rooms. It delivers a durable surface rather than a painted Sheetrock wall and has more appealing features than meets the eye.

Fascinating Elements

  • Unifies bathroom decor and creates a cohesive design
  • Can be installed at any height, in concordance with the height of the bathroom fixtures
  • Contrasts well with the upper wall sections to depict a voguish style
  • Protects wall damages that are caused by freestanding tubs

10. The Natural Tinge

If you are a nature lover, you can't let go of this new bathroom trend. Designed in a theme of green with perennial life in the cabinets, it gives you the comfort of a bath in the oasis itself.

Fascinating Elements

  • Verdant shades that flaunt opulent looks
  • Green evokes a sense of calm and harmony
  • It is compact with a countertop basin and contemporary vanity unit
  • Protects wall damages that are caused by freestanding tubs

11. The Allure Of Black

Grey is a thing of the past: it's time to welcome black as one of the latest bathroom trends. The black legacy enhances your bathroom in a bolder and darker fashion. Incorporating black in your shower screen frame, light fixtures, vanities, and mirrors could do the job just well.

Fascinating Elements

  • Visually pleasing and attractive to the eyes
  • Can easily accustom to your bathroom and kitchen palettes
  • Offers competitive pricing
  • Looks exquisite when paired with natural stones, marble, and timber

12. The Marble Glory

Marble has been there since the times of the ancient craftsmen. One of the best modern bathroom ideas, a marble finish can lend your bathing space a clean touch. If you were sceptical about installing marble for your bathrooms before, you shouldn't be any longer.

Fascinating Elements

  • Bestows timeless beauty to your bathrooms
  • Versatile with all forms of your interior decors
  • Increases your property value
  • Very easy to maintain

13. The Deep Soaking Tub

A deep soaking tub, of course, is much deeper than your standard tub. But it doesn't just turn up as the latest bathroom trend with its flamboyant design—it has a bevy features to spice up your bathing time.

Fascinating Elements

  • Enhances bathing experience
  • Has an excellent heat retention property
  • Its extra room provides an avenue for shared bathing among couples
  • The wooden panelling offers a tranquil bathing space

14. The Floating Vanity

If your bathroom is small in its dimensions, floating vanities are your best pick! This new bathroom trend makes small, cramped spaces look bigger without utilising too much space.

Fascinating Elements

  • Enlarges your bathroom space
  • The Valencia Walnut endows a sublime touch
  • Takes minimal space
  • Offers an adequately sized basin and a soft-close drawer

15. The Touch Of Brass

While last year saw a buzz around metallic bathroom finishes, the latest bathroom trends have given room for brass to bask in the limelight. Not only is it pleasant to the eyes, but brass also holds up against water corrosion. That's why you find it as a mainstay in the fanciest of hotels.

Fascinating Elements

  • Great for bathroom accessories and fixtures
  • Brings a sense of luxury and premium to your bathroom
  • Gives a refined finish
  • Weathers well, lasts long, and is durable

Take Your Pick!

From timeless concepts to groundbreaking ideas, we've just listed out the 15 best bathroom trends. And as you can see, you have plenty of options to choose from.

While you can keep up with the current design trends, don't hesitate to get a little creative and mix and match to suit your taste. A key bathroom remodelling tip to keep in mind is to go for options that will add value to your home down the road.

Author: Shabana kauser

Shabana Kauser, the Director of Emerald Doors, brings over 20 years of invaluable expertise in the door industry. Her visionary leadership has steered the company to new heights, offering an extensive range of internal and external doors while prioritizing quality and customer satisfaction. The website's glowing reviews stand as a testament to her commitment to excellence. To learn more about Emerald Doors, connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.