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These days we’re all more conscious of the environment and many people are making changes to their homes or place of business that increases their energy efficiency, which saves on bills and helps to save the environment too. Homes and office buildings can lose up to 20% of their heat through badly insulated external doors so it’s essential to ensure that you’res isn’t letting you down. Recent legislation requires homeowners to assess and declare the energy efficiency rating of their property before they sell, so if your external doors aren’t insulated, they could even end up reducing the value of your home.

Our high-quality hardwood timber external door exceed British Standards and are designed with ultimate insulation in mind. All of our triple glazed external doors are pinned and beaded and the majority are available glazed or unglazed, providing a huge range of choice that will suit all styles and budgets. So what are you waiting for? Choose from our selection of triple glazed hardwood or oak external doors and start your journey towards better aesthetics and improved energy efficiency. Simply click on the door of your choice and use our simple shopping cart to order.

We never compromise on quality in order to offer doors at rock bottom prices. What’s more, after you make an initial purchase our exterior doors could even start saving you money as your home will be more efficient, leading to reduced energy bills. So do your bit for the environment and create a more comfortable home with triple glazed doors from Emerald. Want to know more? Then call us on 0845 62 50 755 or email [email protected] to make an enquiry.

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