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Sliding door track, sliding door gear, and sliding door kits are now available for various types of door applications. Wall-mounted door tracks are a great way of saving space as they slide across the existing wall easily, and you do not need to create a new opening as almost all of our sliding door tracks can be installed into existing openings.

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Sliding Door Kit and Track FAQs

Do sliding doors need a bottom track?

Not all sliding doors require a bottom track to function. The top-mounted sliding doors are fixed above the head of the door and hence do not require a bottom track. Instead of a bottom track, these doors have a top track.

How do you fit a sliding door track?

For fitting a sliding door top track, the track has to be installed a little further back since the rollers on the track won’t fit perfectly. Whereas, if you are opting for bottom tracks, make sure that the track stays attached to the floor.

How do you hang a sliding door on a track?

If you are done with fitting the sliding door track, adjust the rollers at the top/bottom of the doors. These doors contain screws that can be easily adjusted when you want to raise or move the door.

How much weight can a sliding door track Hold?

Sliding door tracks are available in many weight capacities to handle a variety of doors, from lightweight fibreglass (approx 0 to 400 lbs) to heavy steel (approx 400 lbs to 1,000 lbs).

How much weight can a pocket door track Hold?

Pocket door tracks are designed to carry up to 200 lbs of weight. Although, this depends upon the type of pocket door you wish to select (material, weight and design). Different tracks are available, suiting different pocket doors.

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