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Emerald Doors supply Pocket door hardware and pocket door frame in all standard sizes and configuration options. Our installation kit suits all range of dimensions bringing in the flexibility. We provide an easy to installation guide and kit along with the pocket door frames.

At Emerald Doors, we provide a variety of options in Pocket Door Frames collection. We offer a wide range of pocket door styles and designs with the pocket door frame. You can choose from single or double pocket door frames to the telescopic ones. Browse through our pocket door hardware and frames section for your desired frame.

For some stylish and reliable look, check our classic pocket door frames. For a sleek and contemporary pocket door system, you can buy our Synthesis pocket frames. For a streamlined flush finish, select our concealed hinge door pocket frames from our collection.

We offer personalized finished pocket door frame as per customer’s request. We manufacture a number of pocket door frames of diverse timber species.

Tips to Install a Pocket Door Frames:

Here is a quick installation guide to help you fit your pocket door frame.

  1.  On the top of the aluminum rail, insert the brackets. Then, fix them onto the given wooden stud head.

  2.  Let the aluminum rail slide over the top of the cassette.

  3.  Join the metal jamb to the top of the rail.

  4.  Get the two spacer bars and place them between the metal jamb and protection plate.

  5.  Fix the plasterboard directly to the cassette.

Once ready, fit the door and other timber accessories from the provided pocket door kit.

Emerald Doors provides detailed fitting instructions with the delivery of all pocket door systems.

To know more about these, call us on 01422 387331. You can also reach us by email at

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