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Internal Doors

Step into a world of doors where you can pick and choose a door of your preference from an extensive range of internal doors. Emerald Doors offers quality timber interior doors that can bring immense character and class to any setting whether it is a home, office or any other property. The company presents some stylish and trendy cheap internal doors that can be customized with multiple design features possessing terrific structure and character.

What’s more, all the internal doors are extremely robust, durable and boast a high-quality finish which offers both function and style. Check out any of our solid oak internal doors, internal glazed doors, internal walnut doors, internal pine doors or modern doors, as we have the best quality and incredible interior doors designs to suit all types of homes and budgets.


Emerald Doors have a wide range of internal doors to suit all tastes, our extensive range of internal doors offers numerous styles and finishes. Carefully select the door for your home as doors can make an enormous difference to your décor. You can opt for stylish oak internal doors or internal white doors that are contemporary in style. You can even get a customized internal door as we also offer many of our custom-made doors in numerous finishes and sizes.

Glazed interior doors allow natural light to flow through your home, especially when you do not have much space; while large internal bifold doors are good enough for homes where you have a large space. You can use interior doors, contemporary doors, Fire Doors and room dividers based on how you want your home to look.

We also supply several variations of doors in terms of size, including standard door sizes and common door sizes. We can also produce non-standard door sizes too.

Some of the door sizes in vogue include 1981 x 457/533 x 35mm size that can stand in for wardrobe doors, 1981 x 762 x 35mm size that is the common internal door size in the UK, along with 1981 x 838 x 35mm size that is perfect for large access requirements. We also provide metric sized internal doors wherein the door height is of 2040mm and thickness is of 40mm.


  1. Low Cost: Our internal doors are economical and attractive

  2. Noise Insulation: Our acoustic range of interior doors offer noise reduction and their minimalist design features seamless architectural lines and sizes too. Our acoustic custom made.

  3. Purpose-Built Solutions: Internal doors can include single or double doors, and can feature hinges or sliding mechanisms depending on your requirements.

  4. Space Saving: We create internal bi-fold doors that act as great room dividers and work well in small spaces

  5. Modern Design: We offer modern designs to compliment contemporary interiors.

  6. Tailored to Your Needs: We also provide custom-made internal doors with glass and internal doors made to measure to suit your home décor and other requirements such as fire rated models.

Contact us at 1422 387331 for a comprehensive quote on our internal doors and get your requirements fulfilled with utmost efficiency.

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Internal Doors FAQ's

Internal doors are also called interior doors which are mainly used for providing an isolated and private space. Also, they are well-known for providing sound reduction and temperature control. Such doors are usually hinged and can be handled by folding and sliding.

When you are looking to buy internal doors there are many different types available in the market. Internal Oak Doors are the best ones as compared to any other door types. They have great insulation, durable to last for a longer time, affordable to buy, and most importantly it will look great when arranged with any other furnishing at your place.

The most important thing that needs to be considered while choosing an internal door is the thickness of the door. The thicker door is more stable as compared to other thin doors. Apart from the thickness of the door, you must choose the color and pattern as per your choice.

Trends keep on changing but there is always something unique and specific about any product that you are looking for. The current trending doors are Internal Pocket Doors and Internal Industrial Doors. In the end, it’s up to your choice and most importantly your need and considering all the factors, you can make a final choice.

Standard Internal Door size in the UK is 1981 x 762 x 35mm. The size of an internal door depends on your property i.e. you need a standard internal door or non-standard internal door.

Doors can be made of various types of woods that range from classic hardwoods like mahogany to softwoods like pine. There are so many types of woods available for creating doors in the market and the price varies as per the wood material.

The door can be measured by considering three factors i.e. Door Height, Door Thickness and Door Width. Use a tape to measure all the areas of your door and get to know its original size.

Determining the size of an internal door frame is very simple as you just have to take some measurements. You have to measure the width of the door frame, then the height of the door frame and then need to identify the thickness of the door frame. This way, you will get success in knowing the size of an internal door frame.

The smallest internal door size is 762mm x 1981mm and the size of the largest one is 926mm x 2040mm. Internal doors come in a variety of sizes and measuring the height, width, and thickness of the door, you can find its size.

White color doors are the most popular ones as compared to any other color of the door. You can always paint a white door as per your house matching color or any color that you like the most. Typically, you can paint your internal doors from colors which are most common i.e. black, beige, tan and taupe these are the colors that look good with dark or light walls. Either you can choose the color of your internal door matching with your wall.