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Double Front Doors

“The first impression is always the last impression”. Emerald Door follows this adage and applies a personal touch to every door. Your double front doors are equivalent to your stylish internal home or office decor, and they will reflect in your visitor's first impression of you. If you have a gloomy or poor entrance, it will reflect the same way on you. It is not necessary to spend hugely to have a grand front double door. Sometimes, it takes a few touches to make your entrance big.

Our Double External Doors Host Additional Benefits Like:

  • Safety: Double Front Doors provide safety, irrespective of the size and style. A stylish external double door works as a barrier against the burglars or unwanted intruders. They offer an aesthetic appeal to the overall home decor. Besides, they are inviting and make you last an impression for a long time.

  • Energy-Efficient: The Double Entrance Doors come with improved energy efficiency. A composite double front doors or a good timber entrance door keeps the house warm and comfortable, thus saving heating bills. Doors at Emerald are thermal and energy efficient. We sell doors along with a copy of BFRC energy certificate.

  • CFC: Our doors are tough, durable and easily maintainable. They can be easily cleaned with one-wipe. The speciality of every door at Emerald doors is they are 100% CFC free. This means it contains low carbon footprint.

  • Classic Entrance Doors at Emerald: At Emerald, we have experience of years in manufacturing and delivering quality timber internal and external door products. We understand doors can count in making a stylish appearance to your guests. If your external doors at your home or office are up to the mark, they radiate positivity. People often go crazy over the grand entrance doors at lavish hotels and palaces. How about having a similar one at your own place?

We own a great selection of traditional and contemporary style entrance doors. We manufacture doors with quality and natural timber from various natural wood trees. They suit all door manufacturing standards and match all types of buildings and interiors. Whether you want a properly finished door or a fire door with a high rating, we have got you the ideal doors.

We’ve got all types of doors for you - subtle, stylish or simple. Inquire today about our products and services. Call us on 0845 62 50 755 and get in touch with our team. You can also send an email on

Double Front Door FAQs

Are double front entry doors safe?

Double front entry doors are extremely safe and secure, provided they are installed and locked properly. If the door installation is poor such as if the door frame or the hinges aren’t fitted properly, it can be easy for anyone to kick in.

Are double front doors expensive?

Compared to certain doors, the double entry front doors can be pretty expensive, and they come in prices ranging from £1000 to £2,500. The cost of an exterior door depends upon various factors such as material, security, design and labor charges: the more complexity, the more expensive the door.

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