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If you’re considering to install new external doors, on the interior or exterior of your home, you’ll need to choose between prefinished or unfinished doors.  Each door comes with its own attributes – pros and cons - and the decision requires some thought. These doors fulfill the needs of your home based on personal preference.

Prefinished exterior doors are wooden doors that are completely prepared for installation and covered in paint, wax or varnish. They can be installed without much hassle since they are already developed to exacting standards right at the factory level, with solid state-of-the-art machinery. These doors are built with the latest techniques and hence are quite robust and sturdy.

The door is not only stained or painted, but have accurate holes for fitting in hardware, and sanded for ensuring a smooth surface before applying the finish. These prefinished doors hence almost look the part – with handles and accessories screwed and bolted into place.

Prefinished Exterior Doors:

Prefinished exterior doors are usually built from different materials like wood, metal, and vinyl. These labels are always on the first layer, and not many doors are made of a single material. Doors also carry a variety of plastics beneath their exterior, including sturdy wooden planks and metal sections. The combination of materials help in reducing costs, ensure better insulation than other doors and prevent them from warping over time – a phenomenon that can damage the look and usage of your doors.

Here are the Salient Benefits of These Prefinished Doors:

  1. Durability: Prefinished hardwood is extremely durable compared to other doors as they can withstand all kinds of harsh climate compared to home-finished counterparts.  All home-finished ones require the application of two and three coats of finish-of-choice. This includes a streamlined modern factory process that involves the application of 7 different coats, baked with aluminum oxide so that the coat is as rugged and tough as it can be.

  2. Ease: Go for the prefinished doors if you are not accustomed to making doors that are of good quality. Prefinished doors save time and effort consistently.

  3. Looks: Most prefinished hardwood doors include bevels at the edges, aiding doors to look smoother than ever. This aesthetic flourish is liked by many, and you can have the door look a certain way in a specific finish. Decide if you want to make compromises to save on money or achieve the desired look, come what may. The range of doors on offer is huge, and one can find a door that fits in with your preferences and satisfies every criterion, easily.

  4. Colour Combination: You can even match your doors with the colors of the décor and other hardwood furniture in your home. There is a breadth of color options available with homeowners having better options than ever before.

At Emerald Doors, our selection of prefinished exterior doors is available in varied styles and designs. We have the best doors for your modern or traditional home within your style and your budget. You also do not have to spend hours creating a new door and instead opt for these robust, factory-finished doors that have literally no imperfections Choose the perfect door and find out more calling on 0845 62 50 755 to speak to our company associate.


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