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External French Doors can fulfil multiple functions for every home, rendering several benefits on the practical and aesthetic front. We at Emerald Doors deliver a range of French doors external that adhere to high standards and loaded with several features.

Emerald Doors offers a comprehensive range of external French doors for external use that also elevates the appearance of the home in more ways than one. Our range includes doors of varied material/colors including engineered oak & hardwood. We also have a plethora of glazed doors that include conservative clear glass to unglazed ones.

Durability is essential to the brand, along with beauty, which is why the French doors external for exterior usage are strong and stable while perfect for traditional or modern environments. They keep the home warm and even offer considerable security.

How to Install an External French Door?

  1. Measure the Space: As with door replacement options, wood French doors exterior need to be measured based on the space where they are planned to be installed. Most doors are cut to standardized sizes, but one should include framing in the space calculations. You need a professional first to handle the space along the wall before installing the doors.

  2. Prepare the Space: The door and frame in wood French door exterior kits usually come pre-hung, but one can install each item separately with additional models and colors. Remove the packaging, separate the pieces and set the door after preparing the area thoroughly. Leave the door to dry.

  3. Install the New French Doors: Once the caulk is dry enough, add 2-by-4-inch boards to cover excess space. Center the external French doors in the gap, holding them upright. Slide them into the threshold, bottom first, tapping the frame to get the doors to fit in the hole perfectly. Screw some temporary nails into the doorjamb once the door is level. Use a spirit level to assess whether the door is plumb in the hole then screw them tightly into the holes directly.

  4. Finish: Once the external French doors are secured, caulk the edges of the frame for insulating them. Caulk around the outside and the insulation. Install moldings to cover doorframe edges and caulk gaps at the joints. Always use silicone caulking that ensures the doors are waterproof and prevent air from escaping. Check whether they move freely

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for External French Doors:

Exterior doors have to withstand wind, rain and other climatic changes and hence need to be cleaned regularly. Here are some cleaning and maintenance tips

  • For Cleaning Glass on French Doors External: Glass can become dirty very easily in fall or winter. A commercial spray leaves streaks, which is why one should use a squeegee and washing liquid on the glass to clean effectively. To wipe it off, use another squeegee and cold water. Remove the soap and enjoy a streak-free finish. Vinegar and old dry newspapers are also a highly effective cleaning combination.
  • For Cleaning Solid Surfaces: French doors for external purposes are mostly made of wood and to clean the surface, one needs pure liquid soap and water. Use a sponge, and scrub brush for the corners and to eliminate tougher stains. Rinse the surface and leave it to dry.
  • For Locks on External French Doors: The locks and handles are an integral part of exterior French doors, and these metal fixtures need to be cleaned regularly too. Use the right cleaner for the right metal and keep it shining. Use some drops of oil on the lock mechanism to block moisture from entering the holes and also helps in the smooth operation of locks, hinges, and handles.

Clean these doors regularly once a month throughout the year. To get relevant information about your favourite external French door, place an order or call us at 0845 62 50 755 / 01422 387331 today. You can even email us at for making an inquiry.


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