Hello and welcome to Emerald Doors first blog, the first of many we hope.

I thought we could kick off the blogging experience with something a little off beat, namely a huge door!

Apparently this is one of the largest doors in the world and what a good looking door it is!! I’m guessing they will not have used standard hinges on this door! Ok i admit the image below is not a door we have manufactured however it does get you thinking about the endless possibilities when designing your own bespoke statement door.

The wooden, traditional front door captures your identity, your history, the story of your home. It leaves an impression on whoever sees it, for it is the first and the last thing you see as you leave a house.

Or what about one of the world’s most expensive doors? This door is made of ecological leather and is decorated with some 31,000 swarovski crystals, Wow!! Now that is a statement door if ever i saw one.

We constantly get asked about our range of bespoke doors by clients seeking something special for their property because let’s be honest you don’t change your doors every week.

You would be surprised by some of the exacting designs we have been asked to manufacture some with time constraints but we always manage to come up with the right answers and deliver something our clients are incredibly proud of.

For an individual look and design the choice to grace the most prestigious of homes, for use in almost any conceivable home building or the most modest of dwellings. We can offer many designs in a variety of looks and finishes any one of our doors in our bespoke range can be made to almost any size of your choice or requirement.

Well that’s the end of this particular blog, many thanks for reading.

We shall be back very soon.