Sometimes it can be hard to make decisions about the styling of your home and over the course of decorating clutter can be a bg worry. Luckily here at Emerald Doors we've put together a handy guide to make the most of your decorating decisions.

When decorating your home, it can be all too easy to fall into the habit of buying random purchases which, while nice individually, create a mismatched and cluttered appearance when put together.

The best way to decorate is to start from the bottom up. Choose an interior design style, pick a complementary colour theme, then choose accessories which bring personality, colour and interest to the picture.

This post is aimed at helping with the first stage; choosing an interior design style. With so many out there to choose from, it’s a confusing world out there and we’re here to make it that bit easier by taking you through the most popular styles of this decade.

Moroccan Interior Design


Moroccan style décor is based on the rich culture and history of Morocco. Houses decorated this way tend to be very eclectic, encompassing a mixture of textures, patterns and colours. This style is well known for its beautiful lamps and lighting; décor often chooses multiple levels of small scale lighting over harsh overhead lights to create a soft, romantic ambience which compliments the rich, earthy colours widely used.


  • Deep, warm tones
  • Intricately patterned fabrics, such as chair covers or bed spreads
  • Multiple mirrors and accessories with reflective surfaces
  • Natural materials such as wood or iron for furniture
  • Various lamps, light shades and candles


Scandinavian style interiors have been around since the 1930s, with popularity extremely high thanks to world famous IKEA. Scandinavian designs focus on clean lines and light space for an airy and modern look. There is a big focus on earthy materials, cool toned greys and neutrals, clean lines and functionality.


  • Wooden floors, wooden furniture and wooden accessories
  • Cool toned colours, such as greys, blacks or blues
  • Keep clutter to a minimum; better to invest in clean, simple storage than have items scattered out of place
  •  Minimise accessories, focusing instead on cushions and throws to add some warmth or texture

French Shabby Chic

French shabby chic interior design has a distinct focus on soft, aged furniture and décor to achieve an antique, vintage like appearance. Opting for this type of décor is a simple way of making your home look unique, as antiques tend to be one of a kind. Similar to Scandi style homes, shabby chic styles opt for clean, light colours but because of the distressed appearance and emphasis on plenty of accessories, it appears much more lived in and cosy.


  • Aged or distressed wood furniture and flooring
  • Light colours such as creams, pastels or greys
  • Animal, flower or heart themed accessories

English Country

English country décor is particularly grand, and reminiscent of large country houses where the rich would live in earlier times. It is a timeless style, notably country houses are almost anonymous in décor meaning they can be enjoyed by anyone. A typical country house will have tall rooms with dark or panelled walls, wooden floors and beautiful furnishings in colours like deep reds, golds or velvet greens. Tapestries, mural paintings, grand curtains and antique sculptures are all ways in which country homes are usually decorated.


  • Rich, dark coloured ceilings and walls
  • Dark wooden doors and furniture’s, such as walnut
  • Textile hangings or tapestries
  • Upholstered furniture in rich colours and majestic patterns