How to choose between Wood, Aluminium and uPVC doors?

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When narrowing down on the door options, one of the first things that is to be finalized is the type of material that can be used for the doors. Determining the apt material for your requirement and your home is a tough ask. It depends on the job at hand since each type of door presents some advantages and disadvantages. It aligns with personal taste and budget. In this article, we weigh up the pros and cons of using any of the door types including uPVC, wood, and aluminium and help you make a choice too.



Why French Doors are Perfect for Home Furniture?

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French doors are the golden standard for many updated homes since they present a “new” feel to the house itself. French doors are also known to let sunlight in and even keep cold air out as per your needs. Choosing the right doors is crucial here although varied French doors can be installed that serve as perfect additions to your home


Fire Door Regulations in UK : Everything You Need to Know

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Fire doors installed in homes are of prime importance during construction of buildings today.


They help prevent deaths in case a fire breaks out and also assists firefighters to put out the fire after getting close to it.


The doors limit the smoke and flames from spreading to other parts of the same building or adjoining structures.


The precise legislation that involves fire doors is complicated and comprehensive, but as a general rule, most flats and apartments, are obliged to include multiple fire doors, more than any of the villas. This is because buildings carry a greater risk of fire spreading to different homes.

[Infographic] Why Wood Is The Best Material For Doors

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It is increasingly important to consider wood door for homes, especially in terms of style, security and sustainability. Responsibly sourced wood is a naturally grown material, which contributes to going green too.

The production of wood renders a significantly lower carbon footprint than other materials. Here are top 10 reasons why wood is the best material for doors for style and security.